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Zombieland: Double Tapper mobile is a clicker game, if the title was not clear enough. In addition, although it addresses the issue of a zombie apocalypse, like many other games on all industry platforms, it does so in a unique way. This game has an agile game style combined with a somewhat humorous appearance. You will see very funny zombies, with really striking outfits. But, more importantly, the game uses some agile mechanics and is based on the movie Zombieland: Double Tap, which is currently in cinemas around the world.

  Zombieland Double Tapper

Development and reception

This game has some important players involved, such as Sony Pictures Television, which offers the game in mobile game stores, and Tilting Point and Columbia Pictures in distribution. The game was developed by Metagame Studio, which also made similar tapper games in the past, such as the acclaimed Tap Busters title. On Google Play, Zombieland: Double Tapper Android earned 4.3 stars so far, with more than 3, 5 thousand votes. However, in the iTunes App Store has a rating of less than 3.7 stars and is # 39 in adventures, with a similar number of votes.

  Zombieland Double Tapper

The stage

The configuration of the history of this game is the same as with most other zombie games, and with the movie actually. There has been a zombie apocalypse, which has invaded the world, and the few remaining survivors have joined together to fight them. However, in the movie and in the game, you will find evolved zombies and even the surviving companions who work against their own species. The film stars the legendary Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, who are the main characters and their image is also used for the game's posters.

  Zombieland Double Tapper


The basis of the game is as anyone could expect. Hordes of zombies are approaching your heroes, whom you prepare for conflict. They will kill the endless waves of zombies with anything from guns and rocket launchers, to pipes and banjoes. Yes, you read that right, the banjo instrument can be a deadly tool. All this combines very well with the humorous side of the game, as several everyday types of people infected with the zombie virus attack you. Then, you will find athletes, vendors, models, street junkies, even a homeless man with the sign & # 39; The end is here & # 39; and all kinds of people turned into zombies to get you out.

<img class = "alignnone" src = "https://www.bluemoongame.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Zombieland-Double-Tapper-1.jpg" alt = "Zombieland Double Tapper [19659016] You will travel through a map of the United States of America, purging cities and states of zombies, each stage contains its own challenges and grants several rewards, players get weapons, various items and other resources you spend to strengthen your team. that the battle begins, touch the screen where you want your team to shoot, or use the skills accordingly.That's the core experience.


Zombieland Double Tapper is a game designed to meet the need for people click and have fun killing zombies, but it lacks a broader sense of playing it. Therefore, the reward of investing time in this game is low, but it is certainly a time killer. The game seems like a publicity stunt to help promote the movie the, which is also currently displayed in cinemas around the world, and perhaps as a cash reward, which does not offer much more in the long term.


Graphics [19659022] Gameplay


The game seems like a publicity stunt to help promote the film, which is also currently shown in cinemas around the world, and perhaps as a Cash reward, without offering much more in the long run. 19659025] User Rating:
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