Zapped from the Play store: Another developer gets no sense from Google, appeals to the public

Five years of history are not enough to get a meaningful human response

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The Canadian developer Mathieu Méa has made public her experience with the Google Play team after she abruptly canceled her publisher account at the end of last week.

Méa develops public transport applications and said its application, Mon transit, is installed on more than 120,000 devices and is used by 17,000 people per day. It has been developing for Android for almost 10 years and its applications are open source.

That fateful Friday, August 23 in the morning received four notifications from Google of "Policy of violation of deceptive behavior", one for each of its applications. Your developer account was canceled only 12 hours later and your applications were removed from the Play Store. The developer said he requested the reinstatement but received a template response that said "After reviewing your appeal, we have confirmed our initial decision and we will not be able to restore your developer account."

There were no details in Google's notifications about what was cheating in its applications and after analyzing deceptive behavior policy, it is not the wisest. The company did not change anything significant.

Méa wrote that he is "willing to make any changes that help the application comply with the policy," but only once Google has provided more details of the ban.

  No Play Store for you says Google

Therefore, your Google Play Publisher account has been canceled; Of course, you'll want to know why exactly


Although Méa can direct users to an APK download (Android package), the use of Play Store is easier and supposedly safer for users, although malware in the Store is unknown.

Another problem is that revenue from AdMob, an advertising network for mobile applications operated by Google, has now ceased.

Google may, as far as we know, have strong reasons to cancel this account. Méa's complaint, however, is that she deserves at least knowing what those reasons are. Small publishers are not in a position to assume a company the size of Google, and although they can argue that it is always risky to make a living on someone else's proprietary platform, there are few alternatives if you want to be a mobile application developer

The only other resource is to shout out loud in the hope that someone on Google is embarrassed enough to get their attention, a strategy that is often successful. That said, even if you are lucky enough to be reinstated, you probably still will not be told the justification of the original decision.

There is an argument that companies should keep rape algorithms secret, since otherwise it helps bad guys learn how to avoid them. That would not prevent a healthy human review of individual cases, or useful tips for developers who really want to comply with Google's policies.

The Registry has asked Google to comment. ®

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