YouTube’s family vloggers worry about their future amid comment section crackdown

Jon and Danielle Murray started a video blog about family life with their six daughters almost four years ago and are discussing whether to give up on YouTube altogether. The comment section of the video has ended because of a change in policy on the platform. Only a few of the blogging channels for the family can have the Comments section open, and Murrays are not included.

Most people may think YouTube's comments section is a troll's haven, but YouTubers comments are: Jon and Danielle told The Verge how to communicate with viewers. People watch YouTube to interact with creators and other fans. But YouTube has attempted to remove commentary and counteract predatory behavior in the vast majority of videos depicting minors. Most of the affected videos belong to family blogs like Murrays, a popular genre about living with children.

Danielle on the phone told The Verge "We have established this relationship with our subscribers: a request." We have brought a lot of mail from our police station. The box, the gift that people send us, cards and all sorts of things … It feels like people you know. "

The Comments section can cite viewers' moments of appreciation, give thanks to video creators, or even express frustration over certain scenes. Without access to comments, Danielle says she and Jon have spoken to other family blog spokesmen and found that many people in the community share frustration.

Danielle says, "We had no problem with our opinion. The word that appears. "It is not extreme when it is being reviewed."

Many creators have invalidated the changes. Danielle and Jon felt like they were all happening in the dark. They are not alone. Kevin Chapman, a successful UK YouTube-based YouTuber who used a secondary channel as a family video blog, drove to the vacation spot when the phone began to vibrate constantly over the weekend. He received an email from people who could not comment on his video, and he did not know why. Like Murrays, Chapman treats his opinion section as a way to keep up with his community, an integral part of the YouTube community.

"Without opinions, it's not like TV," Chapman said. "It's important that we are different from TV because it's why people like us, and we can talk to everyone's favorite YouTuber, but if you take it away, "

So Chapman ignores his family at the beginning of his family trip and seeks to get information about his agent on YouTube. He is one of the YouTubers groups representing the company's designated creator team. The person in charge is the direct communication line from the producer to the company. Chapman has developed relationships with his own team and creator teams over the years. I even ate at some of these at the London YouTube convention. I had a direct phone call to YouTube, but he was still concerned about the speed that YouTube required. Only a handful of creators can participate in full-time mediation. It is too expensive and takes a lot of time. "

" It's not realistic if we can not afford to get a lot of help to identify all incoming comments, "Chapman said." We're doing some sort of regular surveillance, but we can not see it as everyone comes in. "

The creator does not have a YouTube representative, and according to Chapman, people were able to get their feedback back, with options in the backend to make sure that comments with stricter reviews are available. The Verge has confirmed that the Comments section will continue to be closed for months to come, and that unaffected channels and videos will soon be commented.

Most YouTube users are rumored because they can not communicate directly with the company. Chapman and Murray say that videos with minors are completely malicious and that ads do not show up on those videos.

Danielle and Jon do not have a working person on YouTube, but even though they have been on the platform for years, They used a multi-channel network, a networking bridge between the YouTube team and independent producers, but last year the relationship ended. Now they are just they and they could not contact YouTube about their comment section.

"I do not have good communication with YouTube," Danielle said. "If you spent the last year trying to solve the problem, you could figure out a better way to deal with it without waiting for the advertiser to fix it."

YouTube turned off commenting in videos [Verge]however, the company did not directly mention it in this announcement, as it does not affect the search or retrieval of the video or channel and does not plan to make the video malicious for the children in the company. Murrays and Chapman (Chapman) and a bunch of other creators who uploaded video experts on their anxieties last week to YouTube – makers looking at other places like Facebook continue to build a video blogging empire. [19659016] "YouTube is just one of many revenue streams." Melissa The Ver ge "It's one of many people. Video production is our main passion, but revenue comes from many platforms. YouTube is not the only site we can use. "

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