YouTuber ProJared accused of soliciting sexually explicit photos from underage fans

Popular YouTube creator Jared "ProJared" Knabenbauer is being accused of soliciting nude photos of fans, including at least two minors.

Knabenbauer is a YouTube game personality with around 1 million subscribers that has appeared on other popular channels, including Game Grumps. But Knabenbauer has now been accused of abusive behavior towards his wife, the popular cosplayer Heidi O'Ferrall and asking fans to send him pictures of nudes over a period of years. One of those fanatics claims that Knabenbauer knew he was a minor when it happened.

While the alleged behaviors occurred on multiple online platforms, they talk about the problematic platforms YouTube faces to protect younger users of a fandom that can make them vulnerable to a predatory adult. Last week, the popular YouTuber Austin Jones was sentenced to 10 years in prison for soliciting sexually explicit photos of underage fanatics.

The first accusations surfaced on Wednesday night after Knabenbauer announced that he and O'Ferrall were seeking a divorce. O'Ferrall then accused Knabenbauer of having gas and otherwise behaved abusively with her, prompting other people to talk about feeling used by Knabenbauer. Fans said that Knabenbauer often sent them unsolicited and sexually explicit photos on Snapchat or that sent provocative photos .

] O & # 39; Ferrall says . "At first, it was a joke about Tumblr," which is intended for consenting adults, she writes. But eventually, O & # 39; Ferrall says it became "an abuse of power for him to intentionally manipulate anyone to show him his naked body on the basis that he is a popular internet man."

A person who says Chai said that Knabenbauer had asked for nude photos and "talked to him sexually" knowing he was 16 years old. In a statement posted on Twitter Chai alleges that Knabenbauer finally sent her an explicit "photo of dick", and publicly published one of the photos of minors sent by Chai. "I sent him many real and real nudes," Chai said on Twitter. "I knew I was 16 years old."

Chai said he deleted his Tumblr blog shortly after the match. "Jared told me it was horrible, so I lost all the evidence" of these communications, he said. In a follow-up post, Chai said that Knabenbauer knew he "was a big fan, and that I was underage, and still wanted to talk sexually with me." He made me feel special and wanted to. "Chai declined to comment further on arrival The Verge .

Another person, who talks about Charlie, also posted a long statement on Twitter Describing experiences with Knabenbauer as a minor Charlie said they posted sexually explicit photos Knabenbauer when they were around 15 or 16. Knabenbauer supposedly returned the message to Charlie, calling them "beautiful." After multiple sexual conversations, Charlie says that Knabenbauer invited them to a secret Tumblr where Knabenbauer posted sexually explicit photos of himself. and the snapshots sent by the fans.

The accusations are already causing concern in NormalBoots, to which the collective creator belongs. o Knabenbauer In an email published by Chai, NormalBoots general manager, Jacque Khalil, said the company is taking the matter seriously. "We will conduct an investigation of the allegations in his complaint," Khalil said. "Thank you for informing us about this matter and for your anticipated cooperation."

In an email to Chai, NormalBoots indicated that he had deleted copies of the photos he had sent to Knabenbauer. NormalBoots said the photos were "illegal to own and that we have disposed of them in accordance with state and federal laws." Khalil also asked Chai not to send more images of the case, since it is "illegal to create and transmit such Images". The Verge asked NormalBoots for an update on the investigation and comments on the presence of Knabenbauer within the organization.

So far, Knabenbauer has not responded publicly to the allegations. In his initial statement about his divorce from O & # 39; Ferrall, he pointed out that people "can see a lot of rumors, speculation and gossip around and I ask them to make their own observations and come to their own conclusions." The Verge approached Knabenbauer for comments.

However, many in the community have begun to distance themselves from the YouTube personality that was once loved. Game Grumps, an extremely popular collective creator, began to eliminate previous videos in which Knabenbauer appeared in . Knabenbauer's personal YouTube channel has lost approximately 30,000 subscribers on the last day, according to SocialBlade, and popular broadcasters such as HBomberguy even channeled the Knabenbauer channel live below 1 million subscribers in light of the allegations.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

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