YouTuber does what Nintendon’t and builds a working Gamecube Classic

After two hugely successful retro console re-releases with NES Classic and SNES Classic, Nintendo unfortunately never managed to reduce its other consoles. Now, a YouTuber by the name of Madmorda has intervened to help with a miniature game of Nintendo GameCube. It has four controller ports that work, consumes power through Micro USB, and there is even a USB Type A port that can be used with the Wii U USB GameCube adapter.

Instead of using a Raspberry Pi or other Mini computer to emulate the console, Madmorda used a circuit board harvested from a Wii, much modified to fit inside the small box of plastic candy that used as a case. The CPU and the Wii GPU are basically faster, smaller and more efficient versions of the GameCube power, which makes the hardware fully compatible and more suitable for this type of mods.

The console outputs composite video through a 3.5mm connector, and the controllers are also connected through 3.5mm connectors. Although it works with full-size original GameCube controllers, either with a USB or 3.5 mm adapter, Madmorda also recently produced a fully functional mini GameCube pad. It is so small that it seems almost impossible to use, but you can not criticize its dedication.

From the orange running LED on the top of the console to the miniature power button, the GameCube mod looks as authentic as the classic Nintendo editing consoles. Now that the company seems to have finished with its retroactive re-releases, it's good to see the community intensifying with fantastic DIY efforts like these. You can read about how Madmorda organized the mod in the BitBuilt forums.

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