YouTuber builds glitter bomb that farts on unsuspecting package thieves

If you have been stolen in front of your home, you can understand your desire for revenge.

YouTuber and former NASA engineer Mark Rober found themselves when the package was swiped out of the house. However, despite his security camera holding on to the thief, the police said he had no time to investigate the crime.

So when Rober opened the package, he solved the problem with his own hand while building a package that shines future thieves. But with two loaded springs, we were able to do this, but Rober wanted to be able to shoot the entire event. The result was six months of development and an overly designed bait package using motion sensors, GPS tracking devices and wide-angle cameras combined with four mobile phones. Even the thieves used fart spray to escape, allowing Rober to recall and reuse it.

Like his other works, including the gigantic Super Soakers, the self-tracking dart board and the Technique Halloween costume, Rober's latest inventions are mainly made for fun. Unfortunately, the so-called "front door pirates" turned out to be a problem enough to target them in the police shooting jobs. Various solutions have been proposed, such as Amazon Key, but the issue is not likely to disappear anytime soon.

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