YouTube reverses ban for streamer who killed Red Dead 2 feminist

Over the past few days, the controversy Red Dead Redemption 2 surrounded a widely distributed clip that athletes happily fed a game machine feminist to crocodiles. After the commenters who supported the work by the media reported that they had seen the clip almost a million times, the uploader temporarily shut down the entire channel on YouTube. A few hours later, we decided to cancel the decision and allow the content reviewer to occasionally & # 39; make a mistake & # 39;

YouTube videos attracted mainstream attention through Motherboard This magazine is a publication linked to the YouTuber called Shirrako. I uploaded two controversial clips. The 1.6 million-strong demonstrators knocked out refugee NPCs shouting loudly in the square where Shirrako wants to vote. Red Dead Redemption 2 which took place in 1899, allows the player to interact with all characters, allowing friendly and aggressive options depending on the player's mood. Although the game does not actively encourage any kind of behavior, there is a moral system that disadvantages players who violate the law. However, in the first game, she was eating a girl and watching her run to the train.

The first clip from the live stream happened by chance, Shirrako said. By streaking on the motherboard Swim explains, "NPC is bothered, when you are shopping for clothes in the game, your conversation with the store owner is interrupted by her calls So I am simply saying that Shirrako was a joke that was not political and I disagreed with sexist opinions left in the video, but YouTuber said, "I did not like censoring people's opinions.

Despite the video, Shirrako harassed the feminist and dragged her to the crocodile, leading another clip to eat her. Cheering fans were watched over 800,000 times.

Before uploading the crocodile footage, YouTuber uploads a clip to cut the in-game member of KKK (778,000 views), then sends the video to the lassoed KKK member 18,000 views) a few days ago, the channel uploaded Shirrako's clips to politicians, Hitler-based characters, the entire town, and other videos that YouTuber tried to kill the children.

Two days after the feminist video hub, Shirrako Video services in emails shared with Motherboard do not allow "graphic content" that appears to be published in a shocking, sensational, or indecent manner; channels that violate the YouTube Community Guidelines violate " "

The news, in particular, that violence is widespread in a number of popular games, and that deporting people from the platform based on what they did in video games is a dangerous precedent. YouTube

In addition to the commentary video, other YouTube users have re-uploaded the clip in association with Shirrako, while others have asked the YouTube executive to reclaim the case. Restore all your movies

A YouTube spokesperson said: "The YouTube Community Guidelines prohibit something, indiscriminate assault, nudity, dangerous and illegal activities, and hate speech," said a YouTube spokesperson. . "Creative formats like video games can be difficult to assess, but they take action when content gets in line and draws attention when necessary."

youtube reverses ban for streamer who killed red dead 2 feminist

Age restriction warning before the video now [19659011] Note that videos are reviewed internally and items that we consider to be off limits are removed from the service. Asked what journalists did internally to make sure this did not happen again Ryan Wyatt, director of YouTube games, wrote Twitter . "Sometimes there are occasional mistakes, so there are several escalation paths to the reviewer, making difficult decisions and appealing to the creators. The reviewers will be trained on these results and on how to avoid this mistake. "

It is not clear how YouTube ends the channel and what the appeal process is for this whole scam. For example, did YouTube look different because the people who are influential are clamoring? If so, small channels have a way to challenge unfair platform decisions. This decision is quick and effective when there is not enough broadcast mic. The YouTube spokesperson did not provide an answer to The Verge, but we encourage people to take a look at social media often on Twitter and talk to people about their official YouTube YouTube account. "

After the channel's restoration, Shirrako uploaded clips with titles such as" Excavated Mexico, "" Hitler is punched in the cliffs, "and" Beating the Chinese. "

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