YouTube Premium subscribers might soon get $2 monthly to send to their favorite creators

YouTube is beta testing a new premium feature for its subscribers that allows users to spend $ 2 on Super Chats for their favorite creators.

Ryan Wyatt, head of YouTube games, confirmed that the new feature was something they were testing for their subscriber base. The beta test is running until the end of May, according to a report from Android Police . A description of the initiative, which was discovered by one of the reporters of Android Police suggests that Premium subscribers will receive $ 2 a month to give the creators. A subscription to YouTube Premium currently costs $ 11.99 per month.

"Your free Super Chat will be updated on the first day of each calendar month, but it will not be accumulated," the description reads.

Super Chat, launched in 2017, is one of YouTube's most important initiatives to help creators find a secondary source of monetization away from traditional advertising revenue. Like Twitch, people can pay a specific amount to have their message appear on top of a live stream, or ask a creator to respond in the chat. Super Chat is only available to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.

While Super Chat has helped some of those creators with monetization, it is also under the scrutiny of the press. A report from BuzzFeed from May 2018 suggested that Super Chat was pushing the creators towards a higher "extreme content". the conversation through Super Chat. A YouTube spokesperson told BuzzFeed at the time that, while the content "does not meet our threshold for hate speech," the comments in Super Chat did.

"Super Chat is a relatively new feature: it is a small but growing source of income for some creators, and we are reexamining our policies in light of these cases," said spokesperson BuzzFeed .

Outside of those unfortunate cases, Super Chat has become a popular tool used among creators. The $ 2 gift feature seems to be an incentive for non-Premium subscribers to sign up for the platform, as if Twitch Prime subscribers had the opportunity to give away a subscription to someone. The beta test is currently only running in the United States.

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