YouTube Music mod v3.11.54 (NON-ROOT / MAGISK / ROOT) [Mod] APK Free Download

YouTube Music is a music service based on the YouTube library. Hacked version. YouTube Music mod v3.11.54 (NON-ROOT / MAGISK / ROOT) [Mod] APK Free Download This is the latest version for Android. Download full APK for YouTube Music mod v3.11.54 (NON-ROOT / MAGISK / ROOT) [Mod].

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Overview: YouTube Music is a music service based on the YouTube library. Hacked version.

YouTube Music is a new music app that makes it easy for you to find the music you are looking for and discover new music. music. Provide playlists and recommendations based on context, taste, and trends around you.
YouTube's new music streaming service
● It's a completely re-created music service through the official release of your favorite artists.
Finding the music you want
● Finding the album you are looking for, singles, live performances, covers and remixes are easy to find.
● Do not know the name of the song? Search or explain the lyrics.
Discover new music
● Get music recommendations based on taste, location, and time of day.
● Use popular items to understand trends in popularity.
Listening without interrupting the music premium
● Listening without the advertisement
● Do not worry that music will stop when you lock the screen or use other apps.
● Enable offline Mixtape to download favorites or let us do it.
You can subscribe to Music Premium free for one month, listen to music without ads, lock your screen offline, and pay only $ 9.99 a month. Existing YouTube Red or Google Play Music members and service users who have already received a 30 day trial are not eligible. Automatic renewal of monthly pricing for Music Premium membership during non-trial period
New feature:
YouTube Music is completely redesigned. You can quickly find the music you are looking for and listen to the music as you listen to it. Do you want to listen without interruption? Ad Premium Free Listen offline and lock the screen without ads for one month.
– Audition works in the background.
– No audio
– Job mode "Audio only"
– Audio quality selection
– Connected from Google service (non-root)

Installation instructions:
Non-root version:
1) Installing microG
2) Install YTM.
3) Log in to your account.
Permission issue?
1) microG must be installed before YouTube and not later. If this is your first time installing YouTube, you can usually uninstall and reinstall it. You may need to restart the device.
2) You must issue all possible permissions for microG, including working in the background with miui / emui / flyme and similar firmware and adding power saver exceptions. Do the same even if your account periodically crashes. Sometimes it helps to make microG as a system application (eg via Lucky Patcher).
3) Authentication problems can cause various antivirus / optimizer / sweeper and other similar programs (often embedded) to kill microG. Unfortunately, changing the firmware / device according to the firmware curves of various Chinese devices may resolve permission issues.
4) Sometimes it can help you delete an account from your phone settings and add it back into mode. The microG account is an account with an old blue square background.
5) If your password has changed in your Google Account, you'll need to remove the MOD, set it to microG, and repeat the installation. If 2-step verification is enabled, you must first deactivate it. If your phone has the wrong time zone, your account may be down. You can manually set the correct time or vice versa.
—————– —
Why choose Magisk or Root?
Uses the magisk version. When moving to all architectures and updating to a newer version, the items in YouTube settings will remain the same in the version.
If you install the ROOT version through Lucky Patcher without participating, you will be subtracted. The new version of the update settings will work. Recovery did not install through manual partitioning system, this problem does not occur, but can be easily resolved from the titanium backup. For example, if you restore data later …
Typically, if you have a magisk, you have a version of magisk (for superSu) and a root version of arm64-v8a.
—————– —
You must remove the original before installing!
If YTM does not appear after installation, please apply patch to Lucky Patcher or "Does not display after installation?"
-Magisk version:
(19459012) – Root version:
One way) Flash archiving / completion of architecture via recovery
There are two ways to access the system partition APK – Installed via LP
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YouTube Music mod v3.11.54 (NON-ROOT / MAGISK / ROOT) [Mod] APK FREE DOWNLOAD

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