YouTube is disabling comments on almost all videos featuring children

Due to the controversy over the predatory comments posted on the children's videos, YouTube has been unable to add commenting sections to most of the channels on which the children appeared.

YouTube will temporarily remove comments from videos targeting minors in the coming months. You can include the Comments section only if you have selected some children's channels, but you should monitor comments for your safety because they contain cautions.

"This channel needs to actively review comments. YouTube shows less risk of predatory behavior than using moderation tools." YouTube wrote in a blog post.

YouTube will automatically "identify and remove predatory opinions". According to the blog post, the classifier "has a wide range" and will double the predatory opinion of the individual.

YouTube's decision to remove comments is largely due to the looting of large companies like Disney, Nestle, AT & T and Fortnite maker Epic Games found that ads are playing on videos with predatory comments, You paused. On them s. I'm not sure whether these companies have reactivated their spending or are currently planning.

As part of the initial response, YouTube has removed tens of millions of comments last week and has removed over 400 channels related to spoofing comments on videos that watch minors.

YouTube also tried to resolve the confusion. How does this change affect creators 'ability to run their ads? In a blog post, YouTube says it will not affect creators' monetization. It was a concern for YouTube users as comments about weapons were raised against the creators in the wake of the dispute.

YouTube spokesperson According to The Verge the Comments section understands that creators are important as a way to measure engagement, but we know this is the right thing to protect the YouTube community. "

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