YouTube is changing how subscriber counts are displayed, possibly shifting its culture

YouTube can dramatically change how live subscriber counts are displayed, preventing analytics sites like social blades from actively showing whether producers are getting subscribers or more importantly missing.

Instead of seeing the exact number of YouTuber subscribers (for example, 10,500,000), 10 million people will be flat. This is not a big change for those who have not invested in the YouTube creator's dirty lives, but the number of live subscribers is crucial for a culture that depends on the number of active subscribers as a way to prove who lost or lost a drama.

The YouTube product team's blog post says, "The number of subscribers is very important to creators," and acknowledges that changes are underway to "stay consistent" everywhere. Some channels already have this display capability, but they can be made more uniform by the YouTube product team.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed The Verge sites that rely on the YouTube API service "will be updated with the same increment as other surfaces." Includes sites like Social Blade announced by Changes on YouTube at YouTube may "affect the display of Google data." The Social Blade no longer mentioned changes to the question The Verge .

youtube is changing how subscriber counts are displayed possibly shifting its culture

Live Count Channel on YouTube
Image: YouTube

Social Blade's real-time follower screen shots and benefits were announced at the time of mocking some of YouTube's most savvy creators. Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffrey Star, and most recently Forteite Gamer Turner "Tfue" Tenny. The entire channel is used for real-time streaming live stats on social blades and often uses the gap between producers and rising spikes in ways that attract viewers. Soon, these channels stop working effectively as intended.

The decision to hide the number of subscribers is made when the world is paying attention to the creators' followers. The disagreement between James Charles and Tati Westbrook has affected the entire world, but he has focused on total loss and the latter's number of subscribers. According to one of Westbrook's videos, Charles and Westbrook sat in Google's Spaces and talked about the situation. If you focus on the live subscriber numbers of other creators in the community, online harassment occurs, such as imitating the producers who have lost their subscribers.

It is not clear how the cultural uses of the producer community hindered YouTube's decision to hide the correct numbers and prevent third-party websites from using the platform's API to run live counters. A YouTube spokesman declined to comment.

We are testing similar product changes on other platforms. Instagram is said to be considering "the ability to not show how many pictures you like to reduce the burden of Instagram. In Reddit, moderators have the option to hide comments and hide votes. Early nightmares / snowballs often get a negative response when a comment gets some initial downvotes. Even Twitter is experimenting with participation features like Retweet.

YouTube's new subscribers display feature works in August.

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