YouTube introduces mini-player for desktop browsers

People who primarily watch YouTube videos on their computers can be delighted. Desktop users can finally use the mini player.

Anyone who has watched YouTube videos through the company's mobile app has already enjoyed the pleasure of mini-players. Launched earlier this month, this tool allows people to continue navigating through the videos they are already viewing and navigating to other videos. Think like a Facebook video player. The Facebook video player minimizes and moves the newsfeed aspect while still scrolling through the page.

  YouTube mini player

The mini player is working.

Viewers can quit the mini player by pressing the "x" or escape key on their keyboard. You can also control playlists, queues, and the next video directly with minimized video. That is, if you want to find one perfect vine but do not want to stop editing or editing in the next playlist that is pending.

The ability to continue watching videos while searching for other features for everyone watching a massive YouTube was a big improvement when it was introduced with mobile features.

To use the mini player, hover over the bottom of the video and select the mini player using the icon in the right corner. Then look for the content of your mind!

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