YouTube creators are using a hilarious tactic to combat copyright policies

YouTube creators and twitter streamers are doing terrible cover-ups on pop music with a funny attempt around YouTube's widely criticized copyright violation system.

In recent months, YouTube creators have been experiencing copyright issues while producing TikTok response videos. Here they collect Cringey TikTok clips and give them responses or comments. However, TikTok video includes music from artists who have signed on labels like Sony and Warner, and that claim does not allow creators to monetize their videos.

Creators such as Danny Gonzalez and Kurtis Conner are music with their own songs. Gonzalez and Conner sing songs like Linkin Park's "In The End" and imagine the "Believer" of dragons. At the same time the corresponding TikTok video will play on the screen. The two authors explain why they are singing instead of playing music in their videos. Conner is a bit of a joke to hear saying "I think that's going to get better," but ultimately it's a very interesting loophole in YouTube's copyright system. We must enforce it.

Videos that were not able to generate revenue in the past due to copyright infringement can now effectively monetize. Major labels such as Sony Music and Warner Music Group can not claim copyright infringement, and at least they hope that they will not run YouTube's automated system to find copyrighted content.

YouTube creators have sparked controversy over excessive copyright infringement fair use policies and monetization. YouTube must take action if the owner of the copyrighted content sends a takedown notice or alleges that the video is infringing. In other words, you send money to the copyright owner, either by taking a video on behalf of the creator of the video or by making money from the ad.

The TikTok reaction video is an exciting example of how YouTube's claim of copyright infringement works. Why the producer is so frustrated. TikTok videos contain less than 10 seconds of music, but may still be enough to receive a claim. In TikTok itself, the music is all licensed on the label.

YouTube's creators are trying to monetize their videos. Contains non-authored content. Not affiliated with Sony, or is not currently Warner Music like TikTok. Responsive video is a big part of YouTube's current culture. People lift popular movie trailers and shoot reactions to what's happening on the screen. These videos are generally monetized.

The creator of Holo FX commented on the TikTok editing video: "I have deleted the music that is owned by Warner Music Group, and I am not willing to use it unfairly." I do not claim to own the music I played. We used the TikTok app to simply dance and create this.

Gonzalez and Corner's workaround does not work only on TikTok. Game creators and flags have gone through the same loopholes to get copyright-protected songs through YouTube's Content ID system. To ensure a video for Kingdom Hearts 3 Apekz does not demonize by singing "Let It Go" in

By the end of the video, singing a poor song I am joking that I will not be subject to copyright protection, and I must "sing more songs" to avoid copyright.

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