Your Phone update makes it easier to respond to notifications for Insiders

The Microsoft Your Phone application now supports responding to notifications from the notification page for Insiders. The new feature facilitates the response to notifications and means that you do not have to use a toast notification to respond to a notification in the Your phone application.

Your phone allows you to synchronize notifications and other content from your smartphone to your computer. These notifications allow you to keep your phone in your pocket, but until recently, the only way to respond to them was through toast notifications. These allowed him to respond to messages and other notifications quickly, but the app's notifications page was only for viewing notifications.

How to manage notifications for your phone and Windows 10 and avoid duplicate notifications

Notifications on the phone application is usually better than native Windows 10 notifications. Many developers have not implemented quick responses to application notifications Windows, but they have done it for Android. For example, Facebook's Windows 10 application will show you a message but will not allow you to respond from a notification. However, the Android version of the application supports quick responses to notifications and these work through the Your Phone application.

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