You don’t need to update your operating system right away

We posted a review about iPadOS and macOS Catalina yesterday. I still don't think it's hard, despite the claim that the first four paragraphs of the Catalina review should stop Mac updates until you know for certain that your app is working properly.

Some users missed a note that 32-bit apps are finally being left behind. Others did not realize that the Apple transition from iTunes to Apple Music would burn important backend file formats that other DJ apps depend on.

Still more people didn't realize that they had to set a solid time separately by clicking the app's approval box requesting access to the newly restricted portion of the computer. Many people joked about the bad times of old Windows Vista and pop-up boxes. This tweet reminds me of a classic Mac-to-PC ad that makes Windows fun for almost the same problem. It's worth the watch because it's good to remember the times Apple didn't take so seriously.

At this point, you will probably be tempted to ruin Apple. I was able to see a case where the transition to Catalina's new security model wasn't very elegant. However, I think it's not good to blame Apple when it comes to app compatibility, but there are surprising reasons. I do not want us to be so dependent.

I will repeat what I said in the Catalina review as I told you so. Perhaps because you're relying on a Mac or PC for “real work,” updating your first day can threaten your real work. You can literally threaten your livelihood. It's a good idea to see how things are shaking while waiting for others to experience and report problems. [19590007] It seemed strange to emphasize too much to people not to upgrade to a new OS for weeks. But over the last decade, annual updates to iOS and Android have made us feel empty.

On mobile platforms New updates were generally stable, giving you access to cool new features, and many of your favorite apps wanted new updates immediately because they took advantage of the new features fairly early . Low risk and high rewards.

This year iOS 13 was buggy. Heck, everything was pretty buggy this year. Windows 10 has an unprepared “update” for October . iPadOS still sends the keyboard to any corner of the screen. As I said Catalina is not a great daily update.

On iOS, it's fair to expect more. With a lot of control, it's relatively unlikely that your app will crash due to new updates. The more the OS is locked, the greater the expectation that it will work like a device, and the more annoying it is.

But the Mac is different. The same is true for Windows. These are open platforms that allow you to freely distribute and distribute your software without the permission of the company that builds the operating system (although it changes slightly with notaries on a Mac, but with me).

In order to develop this more open platform, sometimes I try to have to solve the situation. Eternal backward compatibility is the recipe for congestion and confusion. Microsoft seems to have decided to relearn every four or five years. Apple was right to leave 32-bit apps. It was right to slightly enhance the security of the Mac. It was right to leave iTunes on pasture. At the end, iTunes could have done better for the unintended consequences.

What I insist is that a powerful and relatively open platform is sometimes ok to break things up. The alternative is worse: you end up with something completely managed, completely stagnant, or completely boring.

So don't yell at Apple, Microsoft, or Google when your app works on newer versions of OS. That will revive the idea that they are our merciful overlord and take away our own strength. Shout when your software is broken. Believe me. You will never miss a moment of catharsis.

You recently turned off automatic updates for apps on your phone. I really had to look at what this app is doing and promising. In some cases, I found that I don't want to install the app on my phone.

Turn off automatic updates for your operating system. Critical automatic updates resolve security holes and improve privacy. The more people install the latest and most secure software, the better the world. I think there is some immunity.

It was torn. This is where I need to understand everything and give advice, but I can't. I'm turning off auto-updates because I want to know more about what works, what doesn't, and what's new for computers and apps. But I'm also someone who pays attention to such things.

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+ Spotify is launching Siri support and the new Apple TV app.

Pro tip: Instead of adding "on Spotify" to your request, you can lead it. As in "Hey Siri, Spotify The Ramones", Spotify has been replaced with a verb such as Googling. To be honest I was shocked. Spotify didn't know that this was a marketing move that could have been done a few years ago.

However, the extra words creak. You can set Spotify as default in Alexa and Google Assistant (and Bixby!). There are not so many olive branches of apples here.

+ iPadOS review: 50% more computers

Apple finally got the courage to make iPadOS a bit complicated. In some places, I think I have succeeded, in others I have failed. The most disappointing part was text editing. Apple's attempts to make things more intuitive have made the text worse.

I can't get over how punishable Apple is to deny multi-user support. Many families share iPad!

+ macOS Catalina review: transition period

Twitter said this but couldn't find a good way to actually apply it in the review. Catalina, the foundation of a new era for Mac. I don't know what that era looks like. Renaissance? Do you want to switch to the iPad app? The beginning of a long and slow decline?

We're preparing for the next chapter, but don't know where the plot is going.

+ Apple has confirmed that the macOS Catalina update is a big problem for DJs who rely on iTunes.

Here's the one If you rely on at least your iTunes library, it's best to wait. Also, many people have problems with 32-bit applications that are no longer supported.

+ Sorry: Apple may have accidentally released a sleep app for Apple Watch

+ PS4 Remote Play will fully support Android this week.

The “last” for this game, the most exclusive in the modern mobile world, which has recently been run. Instead of working only on Xperia phones, it works on all Android phones. Already did so on iPhone and iPad.

+ Amazon has updated Fire HD 10 with faster processors and USB-C.

You can't easily access every single app you want, but you should use it the most. If you can afford more than twice the price, the new iPad is more than twice as good. If you can't or can't spend too much money on a knock-around tablet, carefully review the reviews on this tablet.

+ Kindle is getting Kids Edition bundles for younger readers [19659044] With full access to kids content, Kindle is a better way than cheap disposable tablets. Or at least like it. The current software update will provide a better update in January.

Much better Paperwhite with a much better display and child-friendly waterproofing is only $ 129. Amazon's frequent sales) suggests buying more advanced hardware. This is especially true given the lifetime of the Kindle. Kindle tends to be measured for years, not months.

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