You can now get Alexa to use its inside voice with Whisper Mode

Amazon's Alexa is using Whisper mode today, so everyone can use the indoor voice. This feature, which gives voice assistants whisper commands and whisper in answers, is currently available to users in the United States but is currently available in English only. Alexa is most likely to be useful to whispering parents to keep the noise to a minimum so that they do not wake up the partner or baby sleeping with the lullaby.

I first saw a preview of the Whisper Mode feature. Amazon opened Speech Synthesis Markup Language for developers last year. It has been introduced as part of the company's efforts to make Alexa more humane, whisper, change speaking speed, and add pause features. Verge The reader showed us that it sounds like this:

Verge Senior editor Dan Seifert tested Whisper Mode today and is much more natural than what he's done in a year, but he's still uneasy.

Whisper mode is one way Amazon can make Alexa more contextual. Sound detection technology has been described in a blog post about Alexa's extension of AI capabilities. According to Alexa head scientist Rohit Prasad, Alexa "can automatically learn the audio signal's ability to detect sound events or detect whispering speech." Whisper Mode is the same machine learning network used for the Alexa Guard "Fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and glass wakes up, turning Alexa into a home security system."

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