You can now buy the tiny Palm phone as a standalone handset for $199

The Palm phone was launched last year as a companion device, something that shares a phone number with your smartphone and costs an additional $ 10 per month. The 3.3-inch Android phone was marketed as an alternative to its main phone that it could get on weekends. Now, Verizon is also selling it as an independent device. It's currently on sale through April for only $ 199, which is a big discount off the original $ 350 price.

If you read and saw our Palm phone review, you'll know we have mixed feelings about this. As an idea, it's great! Who does not want a smartphone that is not a constant distraction? But the execution was a disappointment. It has a terrible battery life, a mediocre camera and an operating system full of inflated software, which means that the Palm phone ended up being more of a burden than a relief.

Still, it's good to see companies experimenting with different approaches to smartphones, and the Palm phone looks pretty good. In a blog post, Palm also claims to have addressed two of our main complaints with the device, and is launching a software update that allegedly improves the performance of the camera and battery. (However, it is doubtful that this will make a big difference – the software can not be updated with a larger battery).

If the idea of ​​a minimalist smartphone is still attractive, you can buy the Palm phone as a standalone device here. (You must apply the $ 150 discount) or a complementary device here.

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