You can get a good quality phone for less than $200 now

It is a fact that an expensive meal will taste good. So, it's not surprising when he does it, only when he does not. On the other hand, it is easier to be impressed with an affordable restaurant. You probably do not expect much or spend a lot, and although there are usually commitments, the right food can make it your favorite place.

This same experience can happen with smartphones, although you should not eat your phone. Spending more than $ 500 will provide you with a flagship smartphone with numerous features, designed precisely to delight both in terms of hardware design and software. Some cheaper devices are similar to fast fast food: they can do the job, and generally not much else. But, having a limited budget does not mean you do not have luck.

Increasingly, flagship features, design and software reach low-cost phones. Look no further, the test of $ 399 Google Pixel 3A. It has the same excellent $ 799 Pixel 3 camera, and much of the same design, too. This more reasonable price results in a phone that is made of plastic and has hardware that is a bit slower to use than you would expect from a flagship phone. It's hard to beat the value if you just want an affordable phone with a good camera, but $ 400 is still a lot of money.

you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

So, what can you get for half of that? Surprisingly, for less than $ 200 you can find phones that look and feel like a more expensive device, built with crystal and with the latest Android 9 Pie software, or with a large and bright screen that is suitable for watching movies and TV shows . I was surprised by the wide range of options available for less than $ 200, so I checked three phones to get an idea of ​​what your money offers: the $ 189 Nokia 189, the Coolpad Legacy $ 179 and the Rokit IO 3D $ 199.

These three phones cover the spectrum of what you can get in this price range, whether it's a large, bright screen, sleek design and software or future features that may be more deceptive than a utility. They also have a bank of modern functions, such as a fingerprint sensor, dual rear-facing cameras and, in some cases, compatibility with dual SIM cards. In a nutshell, being within a budget does not lock you up as much as you might have thought.


Verge Score

1559242655 477 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

Good Stuff

  • It seems an expensive phone
  • Android One software is excellent and promises timely updates
  • The cameras take sharp pictures

Bad [19659009] Charges via Micro USB
  • Only works with GSM operators
  • 6

    Verge Score

    1559242655 634 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    Good Stuff

    • Large and vibrant 1080p screen
    • Slightly more powerful than the Nokia 4.2
    • Charges on USB-C

    Bad stuff

    • Exclusive for Metro by T-Mobile
    • Comes with a lot of filler software
    • Software lacks brightness
    • Pictures usually blurry

    ] 3 [19659007] Verge Score

    1559242655 169 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    Good Stuff

    • Has a removable battery
    • The dual SIM card holder is an unexpected advantage

    Bad Stuff

    • The quality of the screen is atrocious
    • ] It's much slower than the other opt ions
    • $ 200 is too high a sale price

    It is reasonable to expect that a b- $ 200 phone will not give you everything you'll find in a more expensive model, but the Nokia 4.2 is as close to doing it . A large part of its success is based on its software, which is almost in stock Android 9 Pie. This phone is part of Google's Android One program, which manages to bring a less demanding version of Google Pixel software to affordable phones, with the latest security and feature updates. You will receive Android Q, as well as future updates of the platform for two years and security patches for three years from launch. Reliable updates are something that the least expensive phones have always missed, so it's impressive to see Nokia's commitment here. I installed my Pixel 3 software backup on the Nokia 4.2 and I felt at home here, although the performance is certainly less responsive on the Nokia.

    1559242655 793 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    1559242655 78 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    This phone uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 processor and has 3GB of RAM. This power is more than enough for basic tasks such as messaging, use of the phone and navigation in Chrome, but even so, there is usually a noticeable delay when browsing the menus and opening or changing applications. Games like Pokémon Rumble Rush and PUBG run at choppy speed, but respectable at low settings.

    This boring performance also appears in the camera. The phone takes time to capture photos and its screen does not provide a reliable viewer; It looks much brighter than the photos captured. However, the Nokia phone takes the best pictures among the three devices I tried. The results of the Coolpad Legacy and Rokit IO 3D photographs are blurry, even when I'm standing still. Is the Nokia 4.2 as good for taking pictures as the Google Pixel 3A? No, but what you can do for $ 200 less is impressive.

    1559242655 291 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    The Nokia 4.2 has some additional tricks you do not see every day, even on many of the most expensive phones. Its power button lights up when it receives a notification. It's easier to notice from the other side of the room than most notification LEDs, which are usually implemented near the selfie camera on phones, a place where you can not see it blinking unless you're next to it. Another interesting feature is the Google Assistant button on your left side that can give you immediate access to the voice assistant without yelling "Hello Google". You can not reassign to another function, which is disappointing, but this is a great feature to have found your way into an economical phone.

    Of the three devices that I tested, the Nokia 4.2 is the closest to feeling like a more premium and expensive device. The software definitely helps in this, and your glass-covered body looks and feels good to carry. If you need an inexpensive device, this could be a good fit, that is, if you can deal with your Micro USB charging port. USB-C is much easier to connect, and the Coolpad Legacy USB-C charging port offers faster upload speeds.

    A Exclusive T-Mobile Metro The Coolpad Legacy is the best choice if you want a larger, brighter and slightly more colorful screen. The legacy is, in a few other ways, a better phone than the Nokia 4.2, even if I prefer the design and feel of the latter. The Coolpad phone looks like a premium phablet, covered on the front and back with glass. Its 6.4-inch and 1080p screen dwarfs the 5.7-inch and 720p Nokia screen. Some employees of Verge preferred the feel of this device over the Nokia 4.2, and if you like large phones, you may also prefer it.

    1559242655 464 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    1559242656 791 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    The Legacy has a slightly more capable processor than the Nokia 4.2 (Snapdragon 450 vs. Snapdragon 439), and is a bit faster during general use. The largest and highest resolution screen of this phone makes it the best choice if you watch many TV shows or movies, and play occasional games. Like the Nokia phone, it can handle intensive games, such as PUBG at around 30 frames per second.

    Apart from these advantages, it does not have everything resolved. Their cameras take pictures significantly worse than those of the Nokia 4.2, and some of the advantages of the Coolpad Legacy speed are wasted in Metro by T-Mobile's inflatable software. This phone costs only $ 29 if you switch to the provider and you sign up with a $ 50 plan per month, but otherwise it's $ 179. But, no matter how you buy it, it comes with eight of the pre-installed operator applications and does not You can uninstall them. Most of them are not too intrusive in the experience, with the exception of the MetroZone news application, which sometimes starts automatically when I unlock the phone. This example and the Coolpad software in general, which lacks the elegant animations and the polish of the Android operating system that comes with the Nokia 4.2, make the Legacy feel like an economical phone.

    I have not put the Rokit IO 3D in the equation yet because, at $ 199, it is by far the worst value in the group. As its name implies, it ventures into 3D in a way that is similar (ambitious as an idea, poorly executed) to RED Hydrogen One. It can show the photos you take in 3D, but the results are not excellent and, what is worse, the quality of the screen is atrocious. It has a 720p screen, like the Nokia 4.2, but it looks much worse with poor viewing angles and noticeable pixilation in the text.

    1559242656 156 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    1559242656 364 you can get a good quality phone for less than 200 now

    The Rokit IO 3D comes with Facebook, Amazon and The Weather Channel applications preinstalled immediately. and Rokit also has some of its own applications installed. One is a collection of 3D content that leverages its 3D-compatible screen, and the other is an account management application that people can use to access their ROK Health service, which says offering medical advice over the phone and savings on bills. of pharmacies. To the people who buy the device. These might be useful features, but I can not answer how long Rokit will work to grow your 3D content library, or how exactly it plans to help you save money on medicines.

    You must stay away from this phone. Its MediaTek processor is slow, the screen is horrible, the build quality is worse than the others, and the Android 8 Oreo software is somehow rough around the edges. If the Rokit IO 3D were $ 100 less, it would be a more acceptable value, but I would not be more likely to recommend it.

    We're not at the point where the $ 200 phones will win prizes or be the clear choice compared to the more expensive devices. That moment may come, but for now, it is quite easy to find a device that is capable and pleasant to use. The Nokia 4.2 and Coolpad Legacy are some solid examples, although if you are looking for more options, check out our summary of the best cheap phones.

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