Yandex Browser Apk Free Download [Android]

Yandex Browser Apk Free Download [Android]

  Yandex Browser crack 18.3.1 Pro Full Version Free Download [Android]

Yandex Browser for Android is a well-praised Internet browser for those users who wish to use a next level browser for their web browsing, and can increase the speed of their online loading pages. They can translate the languages ‚Äč‚Äčinto the desired language on the website. You can disable or allow cookies. It offers you to change the interface or graphics of this web browser. The basis of Yandex Browser depends on chromium, and it is the development of Russian developers, and the name of his company is Giant Yandex. They are providing the same web browsing experience as Google Chrome.

  Yandex Browser crack 18.3.1 Pro Full version Free download [Android]

Simple interface:

The graphics of this program are elementary, attractive and very useful for the user. friendly. This interface of Yandex Browser crack 18.3.1 contains simple and modern tools that are used and learned by everyone, even someone is a beginner, you can also easily run and enjoy this browser.

When you start the browser for the first time it is received by a very cooperative tab, that tab will show you how it works and show you all its features so you can learn everything and use it freely.

Yandex browser download [Android] Functions:

Content recommendations:
On the home screen of this browser, you will find the Zen feed used to personalize your own opinions. Here you can add your favorite articles, videos and news. This feature reads your interest and then, for the next time, recommends substances that interest you.

Turbo mode :
If you are facing a slow Internet connection, then you don't have to worry about that, since Yandex Browser crack Free Download gives you the speed Turbo. This is used when you lose Internet speed, and speed up your Internet connection, and browse as your feelings.

 Yandex Browser crack 18.3.1 Pro Full version Free download [Android]

DNS counterfeit protection :

Defend you with its latest technology that scans your Download files and websites that connect with you is safe or harmless. You can block malware pages, save your passwords so that no one can access them and all other credentials that are very important to you

Simple and easy to use:

Yandex Browser crack Lites is a necessary and simple to use web program. Load pages quickly, just show you what you need and give you a lot of space for the pages of the survey website.


Your most beloved websites could be one step away, and vivid devices will prove you can get innovative data about the weather and activity, and interpersonal organization notices.

 Yandex Browser crack 18.3.1 Pro Full version Free download [Android]

Reliable virus protection: [19659006] You are browsing the scanned websites for diseases and files downloaded also examined by Kaspersky antivirus.

Translate web pages:

This program can effortlessly decrypt external web pages. He is familiar with nine dialects, including English, German, French and Ukrainian.

Easily import your settings

Once you have to log in to Yandex Browser Full Version you can quickly restore your settings, extensions, history and bookmarks from your old browser.

 Yandex Browser crack 18.3.1 Pro Full version Free download [Android]


  • Improved performance
  • Minor bugs were corrected

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS [19659027] Intel Pentium 4 (or advanced)

  • RAM: 512 MB at least
  • Free disk space: 400 MB at least
  • Operating systems: [19659035] PROS:

    • Fresh and clear interface [19659028] Constant and firm
    • Easy to control search engines