Xiaomi’s foldable phone shows up in new video teaser

Xiaomi has released a new trial video for their bifold Android device. Like the Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi's open tablet has slim beveled frames on all sides, and when folded, the screen wraps around the outside. The difference of Xiaomi is that its folding pleats twice. Until now, only the Samsung Galaxy Fold promises a folding phone with the screen inside, and all other manufacturers prefer to place the screen on the outside. This avoids the thorny problem of creating a crease at the crease point of the device, but also puts the screen at a much greater risk of being scratched or fogged.

This latest Xiaomi teaser shows a reasonably smooth transition from the tablet to smartphone mode, both in physical terms and in screen animations. The video gives us the best idea of ​​what the Xiaomi folded device will look like. When used as a phone, it seems quite broad, more than the typically elongated smartphones of today, and it also seems to be a little thicker.

Xiaomi has not yet announced the official details of its folding phone, such as a release date and a firm price, but the company is clearly interested in maintaining enthusiasm as it moves towards a finished product.

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