Xbox Project Scarlett release date, specs and games confirmed for Xbox Two

After years of speculation that a next-generation Xbox console is on its way, Microsoft finally announced the Xbox Project Scarlett during its large conference E3 2019 in June this year.

We have some details about Microsoft's next generation war so far, including the nickname & # 39; Project Scarlett & # 39; It is a code name for now, but we know it will come, when it will arrive and a handful of the features and specifications we can expect when it arrives

Faster and more graphically advanced than its predecessors, Xbox Scarlett promises to be the game console more The world's powerful for when it launches in late 2020, even more than the PS5, which will be released on the shelves. at the same time. By way of comparison, if the Xbox One X is now the most advanced console on the market, Xbox Scarlett is supposed to be four times more powerful (according to the progress revealed below).

"For us, the console is vital and central to our experience. A console must be designed, built and optimized for one thing, and one thing: games," said the chief, Xbox Phil Spencer, showing the company's renewed commitment to make the best gaming console that it can, first and foremost, after mixed messages. of its defective launch of Xbox One.

"This decisive moment of discovery is recorded in your game history."

"We at Team Xbox will always be dedicated to offering the best new games for you to discover. This is the most creative and energizing moment in game history right now. Games and players can be an important unifying force for the world ".

Xbox Project Scarlett seeks to be an incredibly powerful home game machine, with custom AMD components, and an SSD unit in its heart that allows for innovative game development techniques.

Here is everything we know so far about what we anticipate will later be known as & # 39; Xbox Two & # 39 ;.

Xbox Project Scarlett: key facts [19659010] What is it? Xbox Project Scarlett will be the next-generation Xbox console, also known as Xbox Two
  • Release date of Xbox Project Scarlett: Microsoft has given Xbox Project Scarlett a launch window for "Holiday 2020" – so it is likely between the months of October and December 2020.
  • What can I play with it? Halo Infinite is its first confirmed launch title, while all previous generations of Xbox console games will be covered for compatibility with previous versions.
  • How much will the Xbox Scarlett cost? There are still no prices, but the high-end console probably won't be cheap.
  • Will Xbox Scarlett have VR? Microsoft has nothing to see about virtual reality on Xbox yet, although Sony has confirmed that PSVR will work on its own incoming console.
  •   Xbox Project Scarlett

    Xbox Project Scarlett internal hardware. (Image credit: Microsoft)

    Xbox Project Scarlett Specifications

    With just a sizzle reel, we still don't know what the Xbox Project Scarlett will look like, let alone if it will finally be called the Xbox Two But we have a Good idea of ​​your internal hardware, and the specifications of Xbox Project Scarlett already sound pretty special.

    Using an AMD custom processor using Zen 2 and Navi architecture, Xbox Project Scarlett will be 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One X. It will be possible to run games at frame rates of 120Hz, with possible resolutions of 8K, and at the same time exhibit a sophisticated real-time ray tracing technology. It is work.

    An SSD will come as standard, as with the PS5, which will give you the option of using your storage system as virtual RAM, as well as raising the load time performance by a factor of 40x. That will allow developers to broadcast in much more detailed worlds around a player. In terms of RAM & # 39; standard & # 39 ;, the console will include a GDDR6 with a lot of meat.

      Xbox Project Scarlett

    Components of Xbox Project Scarlett. (Image credit: Microsoft)

    Although players are increasingly changing their purchase preferences towards the convenience of digital downloads, Xbox Project Scarlett will also have a physical disk drive.

    Speaking to Eurogamer, Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Games Studios at Xbox said:

    "Yes, Scarlett will have an optical disc drive. I still have movies at home in physical media, not many, but some of my favorites We know that people have an attachment to buy games on disk, to build a collection. "

    It is also likely that the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 that is available for pre-order at this time and will be released on November 4 of this year is the controller for this next console. That could be an illusion, but with the hyperbolic language surrounding this announcement, we would expect nothing less.

    In fact, Microsoft has confirmed that all of its current Xbox One accessories will work with Xbox Project Scarlett, including existing controllers and headphones. But we would doubt that that also includes the unfortunate Kinect motion tracker.

      Halo Infinite

    Halo Infinite will be an exclusive of the Scarlett Project. (Image credit: Microsoft)

    In addition, benchmark results have appeared online for a system on a chip (SoC) AMD & # 39; Flute & # 39 ;, which leads some to speculate that this could be the hardware that will drive Xbox Project Scarlett

    The reference results were seen by a a Twitter user and although we are not sure what the purpose of the chip is, we know that Microsoft is working with AMD to produce a custom SoC that combines a processor and a graphics card for the next Xbox, in the same way that Sony is working with AMD on its custom Gonzalo SoC for PlayStation 5.

    If these benchmark results are real, and the AMD Flute SoC will really work the Xbox Scarlett console, so it gives us an idea of ​​the console's specifications and the potential power level, something that Microsoft has been quite cautious about so far.

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