Xbox One’s new surreal gravity-puzzle video game, Etherborn, is now available to play


Etherborn, a new puzzle title from Altered Matter, is now available to download and play on the Microsoft Xbox One family of consoles.

This new game is a gravity puzzle game that requires the player to navigate through a surreal environment using physics.

Here is the official description of the game and the trailer:

Etherborn is an elegant leap in the puzzle genre of gravity; an environmental puzzle platform game based on the exploration and understanding of gravity displacement structures. You are a voiceless being who has just been born in a world where a disembodied voice awaits your arrival. As your first thoughts come up, you realize that your journey has just begun. You must reach this ethereal voice to fully understand your own existence.

In this world, the laws of physics behave in a way that will double your imagination. Experience gravity perpendicular to the surface on which it is located, allowing for creative exploration possibilities in carefully designed environments such as navigation-based puzzles. Travel through beautiful and exotic scenarios in which each level is an organic puzzle that you need to explore, manipulate and change your gravity to decipher the way forward.

Etherborn is a relatively cheap video game, which currently sells for only $ 16.99. Microsoft Store, so it may be worth watching them after some variety in their games this weekend.

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Developer: Altered Matter

Price: $ 16.99

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