Xbox head Phil Spencer says Microsoft isn’t working on a “streaming-only console”

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As Microsoft is preparing to let game wizards begin working with Project xCloud next week, Phil Spencer has just confirmed that a new Xbox console dedicated to streaming Games is not in process. Speaking to Gamespot, the Xbox chief reiterated that Microsoft was focusing on phones with Project xCloud, ending the rumors about a low-cost "cloud console" that could be launched along with Project Scarlett next year.

"Last year we talked about xCloud and then said we were working on new game consoles, but that was all I said." Spencer clarified: "We did not say that [a streaming console was in the works]. I think some people thought that this was the disk without disk that we just sent. At this moment we are not working on a transmission-only console. We are looking at the phone in your pocket as the destination so you can stream, and the console we have allows you to play the games locally. "

The rumor factory was quite active last year when "Scarlett" was initially said to be the code name of a next-generation Xbox console family. This family was expected to include a high-end console with the code name "Anaconda", a cheaper model with the code name "Lockhart" (which has since been canceled), and Brad Sams mentioned this console in the cloud on A month ago, Sams said in a YouTube video that he believed that this console was still working on the cloud.

Well, Spencer made it clear that this "cloud console" does not exist, since Microsoft is now fully focused on Project xCloud for phones and Project Scarlett for console players. Speaking about the next-generation Xbox console, Spencer told Gamespot that the priority of the Xbox team is to improve the gaming experience of the console by delivering high frame rates and short loading times.

"I think the area we really want to focus on" the next generation is the frame rate and gameplay of games, "Spencer said." Ensure that games load incredibly fast, ensuring that the game runs at the highest possible frame rate. We are also the Windows company, so we see the work being done on the PC [for] and the work the developers are doing. People love 60-frame games per second, so to make the games run at 4K 60 [FPS] I think it will be a true design goal for us. ”

After the mixed reception that the Xbox One S All Digital Edition received before this year and general skepticism about Project xCloud and Google Stadia, Microsoft is probably right to focus on the Scarlett Project, while leaving xCloud has a "nice to have" option for mobile players iles Google has chosen a different path with Stadia, which will be available on PC with the Chrome browser and televisions with a Google Chromecast Ultra device, in addition to certain Pixel smartphones. It's still early for video game streaming, and Microsoft probably won't want to repeat the terrible Xbox One release of 2013 when an excessive focus on Kinect and TV introduces disappointed players looking for a traditional game console.

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