Xbox Game Streaming hands-on: turn your Xbox into a game streaming server

Microsoft is now allowing Xbox One beta testers to stream any game from their console to their Android phone or tablet. As part of the new Xbox Game Streaming feature, it will soon apply to all Xbox One consoles. It may sound similar to Project xCloud, Microsoft's cloud-based game streaming preview, but it's a separate option designed to turn your Xbox One console into a streaming server.

Microsoft provided a similar feature for streaming Xbox games to Windows. It's 10 PCs, but now it's expanding to Android phones. We're testing Xbox Game Streaming today and have an early glimpse into the future of Microsoft's xCloud service.

Like xCloud, Game Streaming uses the same Android app to access your Xbox One console. It's limited to Android and Microsoft hasn't released plans for iOS devices yet. Setting up Xbox Game Streaming is simple, just activate the new settings on your Xbox One console and test your network to make sure you're ready to stream your game. There was no problem during installation, but Microsoft recommends the following:

  • Open or medium NAT type
  • Upload bandwidth of at least 4.75 Mbps (9 Mbps preferred)

When your Xbox One console is ready, download the Xbox Game Streaming app to get a Microsoft account. Pair your Xbox One Controller to your Android phone or tablet and you're ready to connect. If you are streaming locally at home, it's best to use a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection back to the console, as it maximizes the connection and reduces interference.

xbox game streaming hands on turn your xbox into a game streaming server

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Unlike xCloud, this game streaming feature gives you full access to the console and all your games. I was able to stream games like Fortnite Destiny 2 Cuphead etc. All games must work through this streaming method and are not limited to the four games that Microsoft initially provided during Project xCloud preview.

This feature controls your home Xbox, so you can start playing games remotely. House. The Xbox will start with no sound or Xbox lights on the front, and when disconnected, it will return to standby if there is no activity for a while.

The actual test of game streaming is delay. Latency and input delays were mixed back during the test. Strangely, I found more input lag using Game Streaming than Project xCloud. This may be due to the variety of games you can test, but this indicates that this feature is in beta and that Microsoft is still working on optimizing the environment.

I found various problems when trying. Try switching tasks on Android or attempting to power on your Xbox remotely and restart the app. I think this is the initial beta hitch cup, but this game streaming feature shows that it requires some work before everyone is ready.

Microsoft didn't promise the release date or price of Project xCloud, but Xbox Game Streaming will be coming soon. In the near future, it's probably the way most Xbox owners can experience streaming games on their phones. I think it will be a useful way to resume the game in the future.

I don't want to use this feature for competitive PvP. It's a game or a fast-paced shooter, but it works well on the go in single-player titles or slightly slower games. One thing to consider is bandwidth. I found that on my home Wi-Fi network, streaming uses about 800 MB of data per hour. We haven't tested it with 3G or LTE connectivity yet, but data limitations will make most people use Wi-Fi.

Sony has introduced a similar PS4 remote playback feature on iOS and all Android phones. You can play games remotely from your home console in the same way as Xbox Game Streaming. What Xbox Game Streaming shows is how convenient this feature is once Project xCloud becomes available. You don't even need to own an Xbox to play Xbox games in the future. Still, Project xCloud is probably the best way to play games on your home console.

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