World of Warplanes Game Download for PC

World of Warplanes lined up with Wargaming’s third brother, the World of Tanks, and the World of battlefields. This player has a higher level of player complexity than other players. It’s the same game concept, but it’s harder to master.

Compared to WoT and World Of Warcraft, the World of Warplanes requires much more worry about left turns, aiming and shooting than straight ahead. This time it is about air combat, and more concentration and skill is needed to influence the outcome of the battle.

World of Warplanes Review

The World of Warplanes are just as fun as the two other songs except for epic music, but they take twice as long to master. Developers have made controls as basic as possible, but flying is not that simple. The battle in the warplanes world is completely different from one of the brethren.

While in the air, you must be careful of the two or three planes flying, aiming, and launching at you, avoiding AA guns on the ground and of course not hitting mountains or crashing into the sea. But for serious gamers and aviation enthusiasts, everything is welcome and appreciated. In the latter case, a lot of thanks must be provided.

About game

For some reason, Warplanes World is not cutting it for me. The atmosphere does not look like all those epic. The battle is three times more dynamic than WoT and WoWS, but something is missing. I am accused of increasing music and lacking vivid sound effects. They are too soft.

There is nothing worth opposing from the atmosphere. Graphics are free to enjoy the game, and despite the option to purchase a premium account is F2P. Everything you want to buy can go into the game and be consumed in the same way. It is a good choice for passionate gamers after World War II fighters

To finish, the world of Warplane is a good game. The round lasts for 2 minutes, there is no time to get bored, there are enough airplanes to fly, and the battle can keep you close to the edge of the seat, but not the edge.

You can download World of Warplanes game free on your pc windows

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