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World of Warplanes a massive multiplayer online game dedicated to the golden age of military aviation history. The project continues the World of Warships, and this tank began to attack World of Tanks,. In World of Warplanes  game, players get up on smoke-covered tracks and sunken battlefields to join the ongoing struggle to rule in the air.

World of Warplanes Review

This game mode is played by two teams of 15 players and many teams take part in air combat. In this victory you can achieve by knocking all enemy planes, achieving excellence and destroying enemy ground targets. World of Warplanes is in this incredibly important and harmonious teamwork and each individual contribution because every pilot can change the outcome of the battle.

Game time range is one of the most exciting times in aircraft history. The battle could begin with a biplane in the 1930s, continued the legendary combat vehicles of World War II, demonstrated the aerobatics in the helmets of the first jet fighter Korean War, and became the ancestor of the modern steel bird.

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World of Warplanes updated to version 2.1

Six years after the initial release, World of Warplanes was updated to version 2.1. This new build includes a European technology tree that replaces the previously available French tabs, new premium and special reward planes, new equipment and various adjustments and fixes.

World of Warplanes had a serious problem with the takeoff, but could soon reach a clear sky. Wargaming’s dogfight title is much less famous than World of Tanks, but not as bad as some people think. The latest update brings the current version number to 2.1 and introduces.

Europe’s tech tree to collect planes belonging to many minority countries on the old continent, but for now it is limited to a few premium aircraft. The Trade system is very similar to Warframe, the list of new aircraft currently available in the in-game store includes Israel Avia S-199, Poland PZL P-38 Wilk, Sweden SAAB J 21RB, and Czechoslovakia Avia Bk-534.

World of War planes download

New Features

There are also some new special reward planes, including the Avia B-534 (cannon armed Bk-534), the Soviet Yak-7 M-82 A, and the North American P-82B Twin Mustang. The countries of the European aircraft can switch to the main ones to train crews from other countries, or already use the crews of those countries on those premium planes.

World of Warplanes 2.1 also comes with aircraft III-G-Suit, an equipment that enhances the overall performance of the aircraft. Japan gets a unique lightweight power unit, while the US gets a reinforced bolt carrier. The first increases the flight parameters of the plane, while the second improves the flight power and accuracy of the plane.

In addition to this, the game has a number of improvements, including an updated lighting system that uses atmospheric lighting spread with various fixes and restored gamepad support. World of Warplanes 2.1 is available for Windows and mac OS and is free to play on both platforms.

The title includes more than 250 aircraft with over 4,500 configurations, more than 40 maps / layouts, and enough missions and challenges to keep gamers busy for at least several months. Obviously, some people like it and others hate it.

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