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Using the best World of Warcraft Classic add-ons is a great way to make Blizzard’s MMORPGs more user-friendly. This is especially true if you are used to modern warcraft, for which ‘improvement of quality of life’ is natural.

The WoW Classic add-on may not be related to the original World of Warcraft, but many authors of the currently popular World of Warcraft Classic add-on are working to make sure their work is compatible with WoW Classic game.

World of Warcraft Classic Download & Install Tips

Below are some of the best WoW Classic add-ons and what you need to do to install them. Download the Twitch app. Once installed, you will be prompted to log in using your normal Twitch login. If you do not have a Twitch signup page, log in. Find the ‘Mods’ tab in the main window and click on it to bring up a list of games.

Select ‘World of Warcraft,’ and make sure the classic game installation path is selected in the drop down at the top right. From here, you can search for new add-ons to install or update existing add-ons. If you are logged in to the game when you install or update the add-on, you must exit the game completely for the changes to take effect.

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Manual installation

To avoid the Twitch app and install the add-ons manually, WoWHead has a handy guide that walks you through each step. For the ‘Add-on installation’ step, you need to find the add-on folder in the ‘_classic_’ folder, not ‘_retail_’.

Best Wow Classic Addons: Questie

By default, WoW Classic doesn’t show quest locations or goals on the map, but relies on actually reading the quest text (fear). Questie adds the location of quest providers and quest goals to maps and mini-maps to help you find missing quests easily. In addition to highlighting the quests available in the current level, they do not tell you the order in which you must perform the quests or provide instructions.

Best Bagnon

This is an inventory manager that uses the default back layout and replaces it with one container to make it look much cleaner. It also tracks items in your alternate account by indicating how many characters with the same item are stored in your bag or bank. There’s also a nice colored border around the item so you can easily see the quality of the equipment or item in your bag.

Best World of Warcraft Classic Addons: OmniCC

OmniCC adds a numerical cooldown overlay to spelling and abilities, providing a more accurate and readable alternative to the default ‘sweep timer’ in Classic. It also works with consumables and items you store in your bag, so you know exactly how long you need to wait for the next use.

Wow Classic Addons: Bartender4

Bartender 4 allows you to customize the taskbar by changing its size, position and orientation. You can also control the location of various other user interface (UI) elements, including XP, postures, and backbars, along with micro menus. You can create your own layout or choose from many preset profiles and customize them from there.

You can easily drag and drop the bar to where you want it, and if you want to get the most out of all the space in the UI, you have the option to remove Blizzard’s default art bar.

New World of Warcraft Classic Addons: GatherMate2

GatherMate2 is a handy add-on if you plan to collect jobs and produce craft resources. Each time you mine a node or gather herbs, the map records the location with a small indicator so you can see the exact location of the potential node. Unlike modern Warcraft, collecting nodes are not shared in Classic, so you can compete with other collectors to free up resources.

Details! Damage meter

This is one of the most popular damage meter addons in World of Warcraft, and is used to track the damage taken by party or raid members. This add-on shows everything you want to know about every battle situation you find, including damage, receiving healing, unlocking, and interruption. This add-on is very important if you want to optimize the damage calculation or track the performance of your group.

Threat Plates (Classic)

Despite its name, Threat Plates is available in all classes and roles. It replaces the default nameplate, which can be further modified to change size and color and include additional customization options. By default, Threat Plates detect classes and roles and color the nameplate according to the threat. This is especially useful when you are in a dungeon or raid. Because it’s easy to see if it’s a threat to the enemy.


WeakAuras is a popular add-on in modern warcraft and most of its features have been translated into classic. It can be used to track everything you can think of, and is typically used to track cooldowns or visually display order processing or buffs based on multiple triggers. In the example above, the simple WeakAura displays an icon on the screen if the priest has not buffed it with Power Word: Fortitude.

This is a neat reminder because this is something I’ve often forgotten, especially since it has half the duration compared to modern Warcraft. If you don’t have your own confidence, you can bring in WeakAuras created by other players.


If you plan to use the auction house regularly, the auctioneer is a great add-on. Search for the auction house and publish the item according to your settings. You can weaken other sellers or choose an auction for a fixed price. Add a tab to your auction house to track your auction history and keep a searchable record of all your transactions.

It is bundled with a number of add-ons, including Enchantrix, and offers suggestions based on auction information whether to auction items, sell them to vendors, or remove horsepower for mats, based on auction information. If additional add-ons are not useful, you can easily disable them.

You can download and play World of Warcraft Classic here.

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