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Wolfenstein: Youngblood came out recently and it seems that the Internet is collectively tearing down this game. This could be the fault of the game, not for the development, but for the radical changes that he made in the series, such as eliminating the main characters, the power of one-dimensional genius that we all know and love. How dare you Bethesda? How dare you …

William B.J. Blazkowicz

Development and reception

But let's be serious about it for a second. You can't blame or hate a game just because this time it's not your favorite character. Then the study decided to expand the story a bit, and what? And, Blazkowicz's twin daughters have added this time, what's wrong with that? What can be cooler than two rough girls in a great shooting show? Well, the Internet asks for differences since the game has so far received mixed mixed ratings. It has 6.5 / 10 in IGN and many YouTubers have rushed to release videos speaking badly of this game. However, on PC Gamer, he won 79/100 and Metacritic gave him around 70, depending on the platform. This is not so terrible.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood's release date was July 25, 2019, and was developed by MachineGames and Arkane Studios, with Bethesda handling the publication, of course. Now, in his speech, critics mainly focus their arguments on comparing this title with its predecessor, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, which came out in 2017. The game was a great success and enjoys critical acclaim even today. But, instead of doing it alone, this time Machine Games studios joined Arkane Studios and the game was developed for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as the standard PC version. The previous title of the series also came out for all these platforms, and here perhaps there is some explanation as to why the studies went in this direction. Perhaps it is related to the history of the game, with the adaptation of the cooperative game and with the general tendency to have predominantly male characters in video games.

Wolfenstein Young Blood 2

The story

The events in Wolfenstein: Youngblood take place 20 years after the previous favorite fan game, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The New Colossus was the culmination of all the events established in previous titles and it was Blazkowicz who woke up after a 5-month coma he entered after destroying the nuclear cannon. He discovers that Anya, his love interest, takes his twins. 20 years later, this plot develops after Blazgowicz and Anya lived in peace, raising their two daughters in a Nazi-free society. However, the voices of the past soon arrive and Blazkowicz disappears without a trace, leaving the two twins, Jessica and Sophia, to travel to Neu-Paris, a city occupied by the Nazis, to contact the French resistance and fight in their own battle. 19659007] Playability

Adding the twin daughters as protagonists seems like a good decision, if we are impartial. You are playing as Sophia or Jessica, but, and here is the trick, both twin sisters need to go through the game. This means that either you play this in multiplayer cooperative mode, or the AI ​​controls the other sister, and this is where the first problems begin. So far, the dominant answer is that AI is too poor when you play in single player mode. The other sister controlled by AI dies all the time and does not behave the best she can, contaminating the single player game experience. This is solved by playing as a cooperative, which is why most critics say this game is a cooperative obligation.

Wolfenstein Young Blood 3

The second complaint concerns twins and the general opinion is that they are not as great as His father. Of course not! Joking aside, most critics agreed that their characters are too poorly written, that the sister's mutual dialogue and interaction seem too generic and that Wolfenstein's rough and harsh old-fashioned taste is eliminated. of the game completely. However, this game seems to be intended to provide the cooperative experience and was his priority, neglecting many other iconic Wolfenstein moments.

Other complaints about the game refer to some mechanics in the game, such as when you die, it reappears with the amount of ammunition and weapons you had at that certain point of control, so you must return to the routine. Also, the control points are too far apart and, sometimes, a boss can kill you just to get you back through a large part of the level, which is quite disconcerting. And, since his twin sister controlled by AI dies regularly, the game is sometimes impossible to handle, which completely contaminates the experience.

Wolfenstein Young Blood 5


Wolfenstein: Youngblood represents a step below the previous title, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, in many things and graphics is also one of them. However, this may be due to the game's adaptability to older consoles and a wider audience. As a cooperative shooting game, this game is too demanding for portable devices and to order the game and make the experience more fluid, the developers decided on an economical variant. If that's the case, then this really can't hang on them, because they can probably also make a game that none of our devices can run, so …

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood took some radical modes and bold, and is paying the price for it. However, you cannot do the same game over and over again and call it with a different name. Ultimately, you must evolve the story and the characters, and in this respect, this game is a good idea in general. You just need to solve some of your problems in the game, fix the AI ​​and maybe rebalance some mechanics. As a Co-Op experience, this game represents a good opportunity to have fun and at least it is worth a try.

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