With no head strap, here’s how you’ll look playing Mario Odyssey in VR

Nintendo announced today that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey will get free upgrades to work with their Labo VR cardboard headphones, which left the fans to speculate if they had to hold the VR glasses and play at the same time.

The answer is: "yes, this is how it works". In a statement given to The Verge Nintendo of America confirmed: "During the virtual reality game, Joy-With the drivers are connected to the Nintendo Switch system and can be accessed on both sides of the VR glasses of Toy -With, which allows players to simply hold the system to the face and control the game as usual.

There you have it! Labo VR will be in stores on April 12, with the base handset that will cost $ 39.99, while updates will arrive on April 25. That gives you about two weeks to be creative and design a cardboard helmet if you decide you do not want your arms to get tired while holding the headset, and lying down and playing with the VR glasses on your face is not an option.

Super Mario Odyssey is getting some new mini missions, while the whole of Breath of the Wild will be playable in virtual reality. Today's announcement gives me hope that Nintendo will promise to integrate more Switch games with their VR headphones. Now I only endure Pokémon Snap in Labo VR.

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