With iOS 13.1 beta, iOS 13 is likely stable enough to install

After the release of iOS 13.1 beta 2, iOS 13 is probably good enough to install and use it. I have been running the new iPadOS on an old trial iPad since the first version, and it has had failures until the end. But as of the developer's latest beta, almost all problems have been fixed.

So, is the beta version of iOS 13 really stable enough to install?

Beware, your applications may still fail

iOS 13 beta itself is ready for daily use, the same cannot be said for its applications. I am testing beta a handful of applications that have been updated to work properly with iOS 13, but everything else on my iPad has not yet been optimized. This means that I cannot use the new multiple windows of iPadOS in anything other than Apple's own applications.

And it also means that any of those applications could fail to start, or even lose data. Make sure your essential applications work on iOS 13 before installing the beta version. Or better yet, wait until a moment after the official launch to be really sure.

But, of course, he won't do that.

Final fixes in iOS 13 beta

  New iOS 13 page of Safari configuration panel.
The new Safari iOS 13 configuration panel.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The most important solution in iOS 13 is that Apple stopped including new features of iCloud Drive and returned to the old and stable version of iCloud Drive. That means there are no shared iCloud folders, for now, but it also means you won't lose data, see duplicate folders, or suffer from favorite duplicates in the sidebar. iCloud Drive should now be as safe as it is in iOS 12.

Apple also fixed several technical user interface problems. Using a mouse, for example, no longer freezes the screen for touch input. In addition, the fantastic new fast-sharing queue on the iOS 13 sharing sheet, which allows you to share in common destinations and people with just one touch, is no longer blurred. And speaking of blurry UI elements, the Slide Over card selector is no longer blurry.

Other inconveniences also disappeared from the latest beta versions of iOS 13. For example, the on-screen keyboard often did not appear while Bluetooth was activated, even if it did not have a Bluetooth keyboard connected. That is fixed. In addition, you can use the keyboard shortcut to change applications (⌘-Tab) again. In previous versions, the application switch simply did not appear when you pressed the keyboard shortcut. This still happens, but less frequently.

New features return in iOS 13.1 beta

  An example of the new Shortcuts automations.
An example of Shortcuts & # 39; New automations
Photo: Cult of Mac

The other great thing about the beta version of iOS 13.1 is that it added some features that Apple removed from the previous beta versions of iOS 13.0. For example, returns of automations of shortcuts. They are amazing. You can run shortcuts depending on the time of day, your location or even touching your iPhone on an RFID tag.

You can also enjoy sharing your ETA with anyone on the way to meet, use the right button on a connected mouse to display a context menu, or gamify your reading experience with the reading objectives in the Books application ( the last feature in iOS 13, for my money).

So, if I was on the fence Install iOS 13 beta, now is a good time. Or you could just wait a little longer for the official launch and for your favorite applications to be updated. But if you're good with the dangers of a beta operating system, then it's ready and waiting for you.

One final note: I have only tried the beta version of iPadOS on my iPad. I haven't even thought about trying it on my iPhone yet.

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