Windows builds, Azure axings and Microsoft pushes

Roundup In the midst of all the excited outbreaks about Microsoft's brilliant new hardware, the Redmond gnomes continued to work hard. Here is a summary of some other interesting things that happened last week in the world of Microsoft.

Another week, another construction and appearance! We fix that impression!

The Windows Insider team celebrated their fifth birthday by hiring those testers with round shots … of course not. The gang continued its progress towards the next imminent release of Windows 10 (expected this month) with an update for Insiders in the Release Preview Ring to bring its 19H2 version (the next version of Windows 10) to 18363.388.

It is a relatively minor update, consisting of KB4524147, which is small but important. In addition to addressing another vulnerability in Internet Explorer, a browser that Microsoft would like to abandon, it also addresses a problem that hindered the print queue for some users.

The Slow Ring, which also contains 19H2, remains decidedly a compilation behind the Release Preview Ring for reasons that are not entirely clear, since things are supposed to flow slowly before appearing in Release Preview. But what the hell, if the Windows Insider team can redefine the stations to adapt themselves, simple numbering schemes shouldn't present any problem.

Apart from the impending 19H2, Microsoft also issued a new version of 20H1, Windows 10 next year, for the Quick Ring. The 18995 compilation lacks many direct features, an indicator of the work being done under the hood, but includes a practical improvement to allow the Windows Hello PIN to be used in safe mode.

Safe mode, like many windows The user will know from painful experience, is a way to boot the operating system when something has been severely broken. A minimum amount of files is used to make everything work and allow the user to solve the problem. The addition of the PIN means that users do not need a password to enter, which is useful if that user moved into the world without a password.

The gang also highlighted more adjustments to the Your Phone application, which it should be implementing for all Insiders who have the thing installed.

Your phone has become a very useful tool, if you have an Android phone, and also the Link quick connect feature that is implemented in Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 +, S10e, S10 5G and Fold devices in "markets select global, "the gang also extended the display of the phone's screen to more Samsung devices, in addition to adding a battery indicator and the phone's wallpaper to its icon in the app.

In addition In a relatively minor range of corrections, the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 also received its usual round of updates, including a change to version 4.19.72 of the Linux kernel and the ability to specify additional line parameters of kernel commands.

Azure giveth and Azure remove – hello Data Studio, bye-bye Media Indexer

It's a brutal life, being a component of Microsoft's cloud strategy. Introduced in 2014, Azure Media Indexer had to do with the use of language processing to tag a video file.

The service enjoyed a few short years under the sun until the young suitor Azure Video Indexer appeared in the company's Build 2017 and finally went to General Availability in September 2018. A year later, and it's time to take out grandpa to graze. Describing the beginner's voice-to-text model as "dramatically more advanced" with more capabilities, Nadella's axman calls.

If you have applications that use the Media Indexer v2 preview, you can expect things to start exploding from January 1, 2020. The "legacy" v1 incarnation will continue a little longer before the sweet, sweet retirement release beckon October 1, 2020.

Without flowers.

Also six feet away is the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) support for such modern container orchestration technology before 1.13.x.

Microsoft expects Kubernetes 1.15 to be available in AKS on December 9, 2019 and, as part of the plan, is only compatible with the current version of GA, and the previous two minor versions (instead of three that, historically, it's the way AKS handled things), the ax must fall.

It is not a completely surprising move, although companies that have yet to adopt the world of CI / CD DevOps could be forgiven for wishing things could slow down a bit e.

While the lights will not go out immediately, of course, any request for support for a "retired" version of Kubernetes in AKS will come across a polite suggestion of & # 39; Hey, how about that update, huh ? & # 39;

Even so, the axman did not have so much fun, and on the same day that Microsoft's new hardware was splashing the first pages, the SQL Server team silently launched the October Azure Data Studio in October.

The cross – the botherer data platform, aimed at Windows, Mac or Linux users targeting on-site or cloudy databases, obtained some seemingly minor but much needed improvements this time.

The first is an extension to access a history of previously executed queries, as in SQL Server Management Studio. It is one of those productivity characteristics that, once you know it is there, can become a critical part of the workflow.

The extension only tracks that Azure Data Studio session and, in addition to the query itself, also shows if the execution was successful, the connection and, of course, when it happened.

Also in the great bag of characteristics of the "time also" of the team there were some important improvements in the copy and paste of the grid of results in a spreadsheet such as Excel. Instead of tedious blocks of data, a user can now copy a selection of individual rows, columns or cells and paste them in another place without the risk of all kinds of nonsense.

The copy function is smart enough to realize that a selection of columns has been copied or the design of a multi-cell selection is preserved.

Finally, in addition to a variety of bug fixes, the gang has also updated the entire Powershell experience by adding v2019.9.0 to the Extensions market

Going back with Cascadia

Microsoft's new monospaced font, Cascadia, He received an update last week. While this trick considers that the images are easier to see than those of Consoles in a Windows Terminal session, an adjustment to a font is usually not worth mentioning.

However, while the arrival of the complete set of ISO-8859-1 glyphs is useful in the internationalization front, it is the box drawing Glyphs that will delight fans of the command line.

A text adventure in Windows Terminal with an art picture courtesy of Cascadia is not just what we need, it's what we deserve. ] There is no escape of emojis

It seems that a version of Windows 10 cannot happen without any mention of the Emoji keyboard. However, there is good news for those who consider that pressing Windows and the full stop keys are too similar to hard work: Microsoft has added an emoji key to its next batch of keyboards.

Lucky US buyers. UU. You can get your fingers on the new keyboards starting October 15 and enjoy the Office 365 and Emoji keys for only $ 49.99 for the Bluetooth version.

Interestingly, in all his attention to the new hardware this week, Panos Panay managed to skip this. [19659004] Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to do a keyboard art with Cascadia, just like the BBS of yesteryear. Screams & Shouts about the new Microsoft headphones

The new Microsoft Surface The headphones are undeniably fun, but that has not deterred from criticizing the design.

Music production and the talent show judge at some point turned to Twitter after Microsoft's great presentation of the ripped ear disks. declare that things had a different resemblance with their own headphones for + BUTTONS.

Far from us judging Mr.'s tweet, but we would have It should be noted that Microsoft has chosen a color very different from the black, pink, gold and silver of the musician's buttons. Those of Microsoft are also wireless, since they lack the connection cable enjoyed by the units of

And, of course, while the rapper's + BUTTONS have a controller on the cable, the shot of the Microsoft circle depends on the user touching the disks themselves.

We are pretty sure that the popster product does not have the same Office 365 integration that Microsoft Surface Earbuds enjoy, although both are equally expensive.

On the other hand, with the US authorities granting some fairly broad patents, perhaps declaring oneself as the inventor of the strange-looking Ear Circle is not so far-fetched after all. ®

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