Windows 10 Photos app to lose ability to sync in-progress video projects to OneDrive in January 2020

  The Windows 10 Photos application will lose the ability to synchronize video projects in progress with OneDrive in January 2020

For reasons apparently undisclosed to the public, Microsoft decided to set a life-end date for its video of Photos application synchronization with OneDrive.

According to a publication on its Windows support page, January 10, 2020, it will be the date on which the metadata of any video project synchronized with OneDrive through the Photos application will not only not be compatible but will also be removed.

What exactly is happening?

The function that synchronizes video projects in progress with OneDrive is being removed from the Video Editor in the Windows 10 Photos application.

When this happens on January 10, 2020, the metadata for any video project which are being synchronized with OneDrive will be deleted. Metadata includes things like the order of photos and video clips, the time of music and the text of the title cards for a particular video project. None of your photos, video clips or anything else you have saved in your personal OneDrive will be affected by this change.

That said, Microsoft must wait for its six month warning to be enough time for people to propose a backup solution; if not, they offer a couple of options for users.

  • The easiest way to save all the latest versions of all your video projects that you have synchronized with OneDrive is to select Disable synchronization for all project links in the application message that you will see on the main page of the Video Editor.
  • Another way is to open each video project one at a time. If the project is synchronized with OneDrive, you will see this message: select Disable synchronization now and the latest version of that project will be saved on your device. Again, you will only see this message if you are currently synchronizing the project with OneDrive.

For any user who forgets to change manually, Microsoft will make the change automatically after January 10, 2020, but some saved projects that I lose their most recent changes during the transition.

Microsoft has yet to explain the movement or give some idea of ​​what comes next for the video editing set in the Photos application that will complement or replace the deleted synchronization situation.

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