Windows 10 is getting a macOS-like cloud OS restore feature

Microsoft plans to improve the way to reset or refresh the Windows 10 PC. The company said it is testing a new "cloud download" feature to reset Windows 10 when hardware failure or OS reinstallation is required. This feature is not yet available for public testing, but appears on the device when booting the system in a failed state.

It seems similar to how Apple re-installs MacOS with the option to reinstall MacOS. Download a copy from the cloud. Microsoft actually enabled the device to "recover from the cloud" by downloading and reinstalling a copy of Windows 10 using a feature similar to Surface's line-up.

Legacy support tools for Windows on laptops such as Dell, Asus, and HP typically use a drive or third-party tool to restore from a cloud or USB key Includes a copy of the OS in the partitioned portion of the. Microsoft offers a variety of ways to solve problems on multiple laptops and provides an easy-to-use method for everyone.

This feature is a key component of Microsoft's Windows Lite and Windows Core OS (WCOS) efforts. Microsoft is creating a simplified version of Chrome OS, such as Windows 10, and being able to restore to a device without connecting a USB device can be a key component of some hardware running Windows Lite.

Microsoft, however, ensures that this fully supports the OEM and ensures that all the important drivers it needs to work well. Therefore, this feature will be released gradually when the test is ready.

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