Windows 10 Insider build 18975 for Fast Ring 20H1 is out with a long list of fixes

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Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 Insider build 18975 for 20H1 Fast Ring and, as usual, along with new features, this time the ability to move the Cortana window and display Virtual Desktop names, there is a long list of changes, corrections, improvements and some known problems that still persist.

This time, the list of changes and corrections is in all areas, affecting everything from the Bluetooth and Printer settings, to search in the Polish language, to a new configuration that allows you to skip the configuration page after the update, to make the Activity Center more reliable, along with more corrections and improvements for the Chinese IME Pinyin, the Magnifying Glass and the Narrator. There has even been a solution for "seemingly random blocks" on your phone.

Here is the complete list of changes, fixes and improvements:

The recent release of an option to use a cloud download when installing Windows 10 has resulted in a couple of new entries in Known Issues, since the Cloud download requires more disk space than was reported, and some optional features are interfering with the ability to install from the cloud. Here is the full list of known issues:

  • The Reset this PC cloud option is not calculating the correct amount of space you need to free if you do not have enough disk space to continue. To solve this problem until the solution is available, release an additional 5 GB more than requested.
  • The Reset this PC cloud option is not currently working when specific optional features are installed. The process will begin, but an error will occur and the changes will be reversed. To solve this problem, remove the optional features before trying the cloud download option. We will inform you once this problem has been resolved. Optional features are: EMS and SAC Toolset for Windows 10, IrDA infrared, Print Management Console, RAS Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK), RIP Listener, all RSAT tools, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Windows Fax and Scan, Windows Storage management, wireless display and SNMP WI provider.
  • There has been a problem with previous versions of anti-cheat software used with games where after upgrading to the latest 19H1 compilations Insider Preview can cause PCs to experience failures. We are working with partners to update their software with a solution, and most games have released patches to prevent PCs from experiencing this problem. To minimize the possibility of encountering this problem, make sure you are running the latest version of your games before attempting to update the operating system. We are also working with game developers and anti-cheats to solve similar problems that may arise with the 20H1 Insider Preview versions and we will work to minimize the likelihood of these problems in the future.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers do not work properly. We are investigating the problem.
  • Some Insiders may experience a deadlock in netprofmsvc.dll in Builds 18967+. This may cause the compilation update to freeze to 98%, or if it is already in the compilation, it is possible that several aspects of the system freeze unexpectedly and do not respond. We appreciate your patience while working on a solution.
  • We are investigating a problem in which, after upgrading to this compilation, adding a new language pack informs that the installation was successful but is not installed.
  • There is a problem with this compilation where certain local experience packages (LXP) can return to English. We are working on a solution.
  • Certain 2D applications (such as Feedback Hub, Microsoft Store, 3D Viewer) are treated incorrectly as protected content within Windows Mixed Reality. During video capture, these 2D applications block the recording of your content.
  • When capturing a playback video while an error occurs through the Feedback Hub in Windows Mixed Reality, you cannot select Stop Video, due to the protected content problem mentioned above. If you want to send a playback video, you must wait 5 minutes for the recording time to run out. If you want to archive the error without a playback video, you can close the Opinion Center window to end the recording and resume the error presentation when you reopen the application in Comments> Drafts.

So, if it's a Fast Ring Insider, update yourself now and tell us how things are going for you!

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