Windows 10 Insider build 18963, a doozy of a 20H1 update, still has a list of changes and known issues – here they are

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Today's Windows 10 Insider update for the 20H1 fast ring contains a lot of new features, including bringing Notepad updates to the Microsoft Store, adding a GPU temperature reading in Task Manager and much more. Along with the major feature updates, there is still a list of "minor" changes (they are not minor if they affect you!), Including the solution of a network status issue that showed you were not connected, even when you were , a number of language-specific corrections, and even some corrections for the Cortana update that many of us do not yet have. Here is the complete list of changes for build 18963:

  • We solved a problem where, when connected by cell phone or ethernet, the network status showed that it was not connected, even though it was able to use the network with success.
  • We solved a problem that caused that the selection of candidates in the candidate prediction window for the Japanese IME occasionally did not match the composition chain.
  • We solved a problem where the selection of candidates using the numeric keys for the new simplified Chinese IME did not match the composition chain.
  • We solved a problem that affected writing speed on the remote desktop.
  • We solved a problem in which, when using the emoji panel in certain places with an active East Asian language, it automatically closed after entering a single emoji even if the option to keep it open was enabled.
  • We solved a problem by which typing a very long string with the Vietnamese telex keyboard without compromising it could result in the underlying application
  • We solved a recent problem in which the touch keyboard entered a point by pressing the space key When writing in Korean.
  • We solved a problem in which, if the group policy Allow entry customization was disabled, then it would crash.
  • We solved a problem that caused the search to not return results after disconnecting from the Internet when using a local account.
  • We solved a problem that could cause the search box to become invisible in the taskbar if you opened the Start menu while there was a pending update on your system.
  • We solved a problem for those who used the new Cortana experience, where WIN + C did not show Cortana.
  • We fixed an issue that caused iCloud calendars not to synchronize with the Calendar application.
  • To help reduce the disk footprint, we are changing the Connect application so that it is now available as an optional feature that can be downloaded in Settings.
  • We solved a problem that did not allow you to configure Windows.
  • We solved a recent problem in which if the Sound Settings was open and you used the hardware volume keys on your PC to update the volume, the master volume slider in Settings might not be synchronized with the current one [19659003] We fixed an issue that caused the Graphics Settings drop-down list for Microsoft Store applications to be empty.
  • We solved a problem that affected the reliability of capturing Snip & Sketch in recent versions.

Along with the corrections, As always, there is also a list of known issues. In addition to the normal issues related to anti-cheat software and the problems of the Realtek card reader, there is an interesting note about the next "cloud download" feature. The option is now available in the Windows Recovery Environment under "Reset this PC". The option still does not work, but it is there. Progress!

Anyway, here is the complete list of known issues:

  • Initiates may notice a new option of "Cloud Download" in the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) under "Reset this PC". This feature does not work yet. We'll let you know once it's there, so you can try it!
  • There has been a problem with previous versions of the anti-cheat software used with the games where after upgrading to the latest compilations of 19H1 Insider Preview can make the PCs the experience crashes. We are working with partners to update their software with a solution, and most games have released patches to prevent PCs from experiencing this problem. To minimize the possibility of encountering this problem, make sure you are running the latest version of your games before attempting to update the operating system. We are also working with game developers and anti-cheats to solve similar problems that may arise with the 20H1 Insider Preview compilations and will work to minimize the likelihood of these problems in the future.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers do not work properly. We are investigating the problem.
  • We are investigating reports that the buttons to minimize, maximize and close the title bar do not work for certain applications. If you are using an affected application, Alt + F4 should work as expected to close the application if necessary.

So, if you are a Fast Ring Insider, download this latest Windows 10 update for the 20H1 release cycle now

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