Windows 10 Feedback Hub app gets promised update

  Screenshot of Feedback Hub on Windows 10

As Microsoft releases a handful of new versions of Insider in recent days, a small but significant update has finally reached Windows Feedback Hub since it was first launched Once in August.

The latest version, 1,190.2762.0 should be able to be downloaded independently of the versions of Windows Insider, but the updates that arrive at the application match the way the Insider program wants users to participate with the new versions.

The Feedback Hub team has worked hard lately to bring some application updates based on your feature requests, and we have some changes and improvements to talk about today!

In the Comments section of the application, now see more clearly the differentiation between Problems and Suggestions, and each one is indicated by an icon, color and Problem or Suggestion shown above each comment entry. We have also updated the iconography and screens to add comments similar to problems, positive feedback suggestions and add comments to comments.

Add similar comments

In the past, Feedback Hub allowed two types of feedback participation: vote in favor and add more details. The notion of voting on Suggestions makes a lot of sense: Microsoft engineers want to know what features the community wants to believe next, and voting on feature suggestions is a great way to see where your interest lies. However, voting on the problems was more complicated: the problems are not a matter of popularity, and what helps engineers here to solve problems is to have clear descriptions of how the symptom arose. Feedback is especially useful if it includes a reproduction of the problem, diagnoses that help our teams determine what went wrong so that they can solve problems faster. Voting on the search page often did not provide enough details about what was happening, and we saw that few people entered the existing comments to add their personal reproduction of the problem. With the new Add Similar Comments feature, selecting a problem with symptoms that match yours will take you to the comments form with the title preloaded. Edit the title or add your own description to let us know exactly what was happening when you encountered the problem. We will already select your category to ensure that the correct feature team sees your comments, and in our new Similar Comments section, the comments you selected will already be selected. As usual, the last step involves optionally adding your own reproduction of the problem or any attachment you want.

Windows Insiders Achievements

We are pleased to announce an update of the Windows Insider Achievements page. We have made achievements more visible by moving them from your profile page to your own landing page, and we add additional features that allow you to rank and track your progress. Be sure to check it out today and start unlocking badges. We would love to hear your comments on social networks using the hashtag # builds4badges.

new achievements

The information that was previously in your profile (device ID and user ID) is now in Settings.

To manually press the update, go to the Windows Store and press the Get update button and the new Feedback application should be ready waiting.

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