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Windows 10 Enterprise is focused on large business organizations. Security and integrity are very important in large businesses with multiple branches. That’s what Windows 10 Enterprise supports. Win10 Enterprise has everything you need to manage your business electronically.

The Enterprise Edition is available to MSDN subscribers or can be purchased separately. However, the trial version is available for public download as a full-featured 90-day trial.

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition is ideal for businesses and organizations that have a dedicated IT department. If a company can manage its digital activities and can handle networking issues without the help of a professional IT professional, then that company may not need the Enterprise edition. In this case, Windows 10 Professional is more suitable.

tip: It may seem unfamiliar, but it is true that Windows 10 Education Edition has almost the same features as Enterprise. Education has more features than the Pro version.

This edition offers very comprehensive and top-level security options that ensure maximum privacy for your organization.

Windows 10 Enterprise It provides IT pros with advanced protection against the latest security threats, making it ideal for meeting the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. This updated version of Window consists of several unique features to meet the needs of your organization. Take a look at these amazing features of Windows 10 Enterprise:

Desktop Analytics

A cloud-based service integrated with Configuration Manager. This feature allows you to make better informed decisions about preparing your Windows clients for updates. This feature helps with device and software inventory, pilot identification, problem identification, and configuration manager integration.

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

This feature allows you to enhance your response with Advanced Threat Protection. This feature uses the Advanced Intelligent Security Graph to investigate and remediate endpoint threats.

Windows Go

Windows To Go lets you create bootable desktop images that are the same images that businesses use to set up PCs. There may be differences between the Windows To Go workspace and the standard Windows desktop.


BitLocker enables a number of features accommodating tools that allow 128-bit or 256-bit encryption to secure data, data protection from third-party access, and recovery key access to retrieve data from the drive in the event of a system failure.

Device Encryption

This feature allows high security by automatically encrypting drives on all systems. So these devices are unlocked by someone who knows the password. This feature is designed to restrict access by third parties and allow a simple login experience for users.

app locker

AppLocker first debuted in Windows 7 and is now available. This feature is useful for administrators because it allows them to specify who can run specific applications based on file IDs.

Device Guard and Credential Guard

Your system’s password is always at risk of being stolen by someone. This loss is the worst experience in a person’s life. To make your device more secure, Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10 Enterprise that permanently changes the way you sign in to your device. To unlock the device, users can now use biometric authentication, facial recognition, iris or fingerprint. An easier and more useful way to log into your device. This feature allows your device to run only on trusted devices, be it traditional desktops, Windows Store, or in-house apps.

Device Guard uses hardware features, while credential protection uses virtualization-based features.

direct access

This feature allows devices to connect to servers and access on-premises systems without a virtual private network or VPN.

branch cache

Available starting with Windows 7, it can create a local cache of information stored on a remote server. The main purpose of designing this feature is to provide easy access to information and to reduce the burden on wide area networks.

Windows 10 Enterprise ISO Features

Here is a list of Windows 10 Enterprise ISO features.

It’s important to keep the limitations of downloading the Windows 10 Enterprise ISO and burning it to a DVD or USB for installation. Take a breather and read the following description of the Enterprise edition.

If your computer already has Windows 10 or Windows OS installed and you want to install Win 10 Enterprise, you will not see the upgrade option during the installation setup. Instead, you only have the option to do a clean install of Windows 10 Enterprise.

This option may be due to other system files or security systems and other reasons. However, this is how the Enterprise Edition installation works.

The fact that the trial version only allows you to sign in with a Microsoft ID may come as a shock to some users. After you activate Windows 10 Enterprise using Microsoft’s product key/license key, you can log in using your local account.

This restriction is not user friendly and many users don’t like it, but this is not a big deal. All you need is a Microsoft account to unlock the door to enterprise features.

That sounds right. A 90-day evaluation is sufficient to test all operating systems. You can use your product key/license to activate Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. Otherwise, some features like black wallpaper, activation watermark, custom deactivation, etc. will stop working after 90-day trial expiration.

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