Windows 10 can now automatically uninstall buggy updates for you

Sometimes, software updates just do not go well, but Microsoft is doing everything possible to fix it with a new feature in Windows that will automatically uninstall recent updates, through Windows Latest .

The new feature is more a tool of last resort: Microsoft says that it will only revert the updates in the cases in which the new software has failed to the point of preventing the computer from starting, and only after having tried all its other automatic recovery options. .

According to ZDNet the new feature can automatically revert device drivers, revisions, updated system files, service packets and new ones features of Windows, which makes it a nice integral tool, at least on paper. It will also block the automatic reinstallation of updates that are returned for 30 days, which will give Microsoft and its various hardware and software partners the time to fix the problem, rather than being limited to users in an endless cycle of application and automatic removal of the update. .

It's not exactly a great update for Windows, but it's an important one. Undoing system updates is not the easiest process, and automating the process for users who obtain incorrect or incompatible software by accident is a useful move on Microsoft's part.

But he also talks about Microsoft taking on even more responsibility by making sure that customers have a good Windows experience. Microsoft, with its hundreds of partners developing hardware, software and firmware that must work perfectly with Windows, can not control all aspects of their users' experiences the way Apple does. By making Windows proactively and automatically take care of the problems that develop, Microsoft is doing everything possible to make sure that the part it can control will help mitigate problems with all the pieces of the puzzle that it can not.

Update March 12, 3:15 pm: Original source added for the new feature.

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