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Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the final operating system. Whether they will rely on this declaration is unknown yet. However, if "Windows 11" is not visible, it should be at least 10 years longer.

This warning means that Microsoft must rely on revenue in the following ways: Dismiss the company. Previously, we were able to release a new version of Windows and escape from earnings. Because of this issue, Microsoft is experimenting with advertising on the operating system.

 Windows Malvertising Mail

There was negative feedback in the past. For example, your mail client suddenly started showing ads. Microsoft quickly removed it by recoil and claimed it was an "experiment." Now, when you see malicious ads on Windows 10, you are burning again.

  Windows Malvertising Alert

This issue began when a malicious ad entered the ad pool. Windows 10 will query this pool whenever a user is notified. When a malicious ad receives a query, it automatically opens a web page on your computer. The content of this web page is a fake virus check that the PC is infected or a fake cash payment claiming that the user has acquired the iPhone.

Of course, if the user is not familiar with the technology, this ad has made it believe that it is real. Eventually, as far as the user knows, the ad must be true, because it is delivered from the operating system itself.

Unfortunately, even if you know that a web page is a scam, you may not realize it. Cause it first opened up.

How to Avoid Confusion can make people hunt for malware infections.

  Windows Malvertising Secure

Unfortunately, these ads are due to Microsoft's negligence on the quality of the advertiser, so there are not many ways for users to prevent these ads from showing. Windows 10 does not need a quick fix to stop it, because it has full control over which ads to display.

Fortunately, ads do not install malware on your PC immediately. They must rely on you to click on the summoned web page. So if you're using Windows 10 and suddenly see a false ad, ignore it and close the tab. The devastating thing is that the web page is open and not installed by itself.

Other software may be available until Microsoft resolves the issue. If you use mail, you can access your inbox through other means, such as a browser. If you rely on news for global updates, please visit the news site. If you do not like the idea of ​​malicious Windows advertising wherever you go, it can be valuable until you use an earlier version of Windows or another OS.

Bad Ads

Windows 10 gains additional revenue through advertising Unfortunately, the review of the ad appears to be unheard of. Until Microsoft removes malicious ads, it is best to leave the official Windows application (or even the operating system itself) for the time being.

What is another way for Microsoft to make money after the mail "experiment" and these bad ads? Or are you advertising the only option? Please let me know below.

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