Windows 10 20H1 build 18956 is out with redesigned Network settings and Always on Top mode for Calculator app


At the head of Windows Insiders, Microsoft has just released version 18956 of Windows 10 for those of you in Fast Ring. This new compilation features a redesigned Network Status page in Settings, which allows you to see at a glance the status of your Network. This compilation also brings improvements to the IME in traditional Chinese, and also provides access to all Fast Ring Insiders members to the more granular notification improvements introduced in build 18932.

If you still don't have access to the new Cortana Beta application with the new conversational user interface, the Windows Insider team says it should now be available for 50% of Initiates who use English (USA) with this compilation. Last but not least, the Always on Top mode for the Windows 10 Calculator application will also make its debut with build 18956, although Microsoft notes that this will be a gradual release that will begin in the coming days.

You can get more information about all the new features included in build 18956 below:

A redesigned network status page in Configuration

Based on your comments, we are renewing the homepage of Network e Internet in Settings to provide more information in a moment take a look at the connectivity of your device, combining several pages to give you a clear view of how you are connected to the Internet.

  • New view of active connections: Now we show all available connection interfaces on the Status page, so you can quickly see what is connected and view and change the properties as needed. If you have multiple connections, only one will be used for Internet connectivity at a time, and that is still shown in the status diagram at the top of the page.

  Showing the updated network status page in Settings.

  • Integrated data usage: As you may have noticed in the image above, you can now see how much data a network is using directly from the Status page! If it appears that you are using a large amount of data, you can go deeper into the Data Use page to create a limit for that network, which will notify you if your limit is approaching or exceeding. You can also see how much data each application uses on that network.

  Showing the updated data usage configuration page.

We hope you like the changes! If you have any comments about it, you can share it through the Network and Internet Feedback Center> Network Experience – Appearance.

IME improvements in traditional Chinese

Thank you to everyone who shared their comments on the new traditional Chinese Bopomofo / ChangJie / IME fast so far! The development team has been working to improve quality and correct errors based on what it has told us, including:

  • Bopomofo, ChangJie and Quick IME: We improve the speed of the alternating conversion mode ([中] mode and [英] mode). Now you can switch between the two faster.
  • Bopomofo IME:
    • We hear comments that some of you have been accidentally pressing the Shift + Space keyboard shortcut, resulting in an unexpected change in character width between Half-width and Full Width, so We have added a new configuration for this if you prefer to disable the keyboard shortcut (Note: the default is enabled). To access this setting, right-click the [中/英] icon in the taskbar, click Settings> General> "Use Shift + Space to change the character width."
    • As you may have noticed in the previous screenshot, we are now adding the ability to change the candidate font size, separated from the rest of the system if you find it needs to be slightly larger. (You can still change the system font size in [Ease of Access]> [Display]> [Make text bigger].)

  Showing the new Bopomofo options on the IME configuration page.

  • We also solve problems where: [19659015] The numbers of candidates sometimes disappeared from the candidate window.
  • Shift + Number did not work to select an associated phrase.

Thanks again! If you have more comments about these experiences, let us know.

The improvements in notification settings are now being implemented in Fast

Thanks to everyone who has tried our improvements so far. Now we are starting to implement them for all Insiders. To recap what you will see when you have the change:

  • If you hover your mouse over an incoming notification, you will now see a configuration icon to make it easier to adjust the notification settings for that application.
  • We & # 39; We have updated the design of the notification settings per application for greater visual clarity.
  • There is now a direct link to the notification settings at the top of the Activity Center.
  • Notifications and action settings now have a check box to mute the sound of all notifications.
  • By default, senders in Notification and Action Settings are now sorted by "the last notification sent."

  Showing an example notification, pointing to the configuration icon on the toast. [19659011] The deployment of Cortana increases to more Insiders who use English (United States)

We are increasing the deployment of the new Cortana experience so that it is now available for 50% of Insiders who use English (United States) . You may have to restart before seeing the change on your PC. Are you looking for something to try once it appears for you? To start, try "What's the weather like?" Or "Tell me a joke."

 Showing the new experience of Cortana, with a joke (

Other updates for Insiders

Calculator application updates

In the next few days we will begin to implement an application update Calculator for Insiders in the fast ring.This app is most notable because it adds the ability to put the Calculator in Always on top mode.Thanks to everyone who shared their comments that requested it, we hope you try it. Once you have the updated version, you can switch to Always on top mode by clicking on the icon next to the calculator mode name.


As usual, this new compilation also brings some general fixes and improvements, and Microsoft has fixed a problem which causes File Explorer to crash when searching for files or starting in a OneDrive folder if OneDrive was not running. You can get more information about other solutions and known issues in our separate publication.

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