Wikipedia’s Trump penis vandals have struck again

On Friday, the Wikipedia devastation group replaced Donald Trump's lead picture with an image of a penis, which was ultimately adopted by Siri. Since then, however, the same page has been subjected to a sophisticated set of attacks to keep penis destruction in violation of the Wikipedia standard.

There were at least five edits on the Donald Trump page. "At first, the penis image was disguised as a more innocuous file name, such as" 64 years old 3.JPG. "Different penis images were used to circumvent the file fingerprinting technique."

Trump pages are currently protected by extended protection, meaning that they can only be edited in accounts that have modified more than 500 accounts over 30 days. As a result of a single joke, you may not be able to maintain your account for a month, as it protects you from jokes or bots. Many attacks have also affected Wikipedia's main page, but only the third main page break after 2016 According to Wikipedia's TheSandDoctor administrator, the most recent penile replacement editing uses a hacked administrator account to use a trusted editor.

However, the penis destruction of this latest crop seems to have found a way around the edit lock

It is a smuggled thing by illegal editing. Although Kipfia provides two levels of protection for administrator accounts, many of the accounts that were compromised were not available. Most accounts were inactive for several months and are likely to be vulnerable to traditional account hijacking techniques. Four of the accounts were blocked indefinitely due to an attack

So far, the editor is dealing with this issue through a thorough investigation of the new edits to the page and a new focus on account security. "I do not know the number of accounts that hackers have. "I know that locking an article like this is unusual or unprecedented, but I have to do it if I have to."

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