WiFi Analyzer Pro v3.0.4 [Paid] APK Free Download

This app monitors and analyzes your network and alerts you of any problems. WiFi Analyzer Pro v3.0.4 [Paid] Download the latest version of APK for Android for free. Download full APK of WiFi Analyzer Pro v3.0.4 [Paid]

Overview and features of WiFi Analyzer Pro v3.0.4 [Paid]

WiFi Analyzer Pro v3.0.4 [Paid] Brief overview before downloading APK

Overview: This application monitors and analyzes the network and alerts you if there is a problem.

  Important note for Android 6 (Marshmallow): Enable Location Services (Settings> Location).   Wi-Fi Analyzer Pro-v3.0.4-Paid APK-Free-Download-1-OceanofAPK.com_.png
or the application does not work properly. This is not required for the application, this is a problem on Android 6.0 (the application does not see the network).
The most intuitive WiFi analyzer application on the Android Market!
For beginners: It's easy to understand and does not have to be an IT professional. You can detect problems without knowing how RSSI, link speed, or semantics work.
For Professionals: Continually test your Wi-Fi network latency and DNS as well as display static information.
Dashboard real time latency, link speed, and signal strength information.
* Analysis functions: DNS resolution, network overlay, latency, signal power problems.
More information on networks and access points such as AP and accurate frequency and DHCP information vendors
New features added:
Add Internet status check

WiFi Analyzer Pro v3.0.4 [Paid] APK – Technical Details

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WiFi Analyzer Pro v3.0.4 [Paid] APK FREE DOWNLOAD

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