Why you probably won’t actually get $125 from the Equifax settlement

Anyone like me, left with when Equifax was told to pay $ 125 to complete a simple form. Perhaps you have reason to believe that the data breach in 2017 is a reward for the fact that the personal information of 147 million Americans has been leaked.

But how likely is it that you actually get $ 125 in check? As you become more and more thinner and more people join, the money that each person gets is reduced. In fact, only 248,000 people are eligible for this amount.

If 1 million people ask for money, they are eligible for $ 31 each.

If you join one of the 147 million victims, it will be 21 cents.

Equifax agreed on a $ 700 million settlement compared to an income of $ 880 million in the last quarter alone. The affected consumers are technically technically [4,900 만 달러]but the rest will pay the penalty.

Of the $ 425 million, actually $ 31 million left to pay the individual $ 125 cash. The rest is for free credit monitoring, repayment or all. Miraculously proves that you have actually undergone identity theft as a result of the violation.

As developer Rufo Sanchez said on Twitter the small print says that $ 31 million worth of people joining a $ 125 check does not actually cost $ 125.

(If you have any questions, you can read the original legalese of this PDF page 36) 19659011] Reducing payments on a pro rata basis is not entirely unusual for groups of large class size. I received a check for a piece of mail that is not worth the trip to actually put cash in the bank.

There is an incredibly slim chance to become . It's $ 125 because it works in other ways. If you have additional funds, less than 248,000 people submit your bill, so you can make a lot of money according to the rules.

Consider, consider, get- $ 125- how far and fast it spreads. The AOC tweets above have 39,000 favorite users in just 3 hours. Her tweets may already mean that the seventh of the $ 125 check is already in use.

If you want to try it anyway – you can not blame yourself! – Find instructions here. We do not know how much money we can make until next January.

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