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Dropbox is becoming increasingly bloated and annoying, at least on Mac. When iOS 13 ships later this year, you can share full iCloud folders with others, so you can leave DropBox completely. But how will you change?

One thing you can't do is drag your Dropbox folder to iCloud Drive. iCloud simply won't let you. In fact, you can't even create a new folder and name it "Dropbox." ¿WTF?

Dropbox prohibited in iCloud Drive

Try to create a Dropbox folder in iCloud Drive. In the Mac Finder or the iOS Files application, create a new folder and name it "Dropbox". It can't, right? This rarity was noted by Ole Begemann on Twitter (and shared by Michael Tsai).

On iOS, the Files application simply will not allow you to create a folder called "Dropbox". If you try, you'll see this warning:

  Don't even bother trying to create a Dropbox folder in iCloud Drive.
Don't even bother.
Photo: Cult of Mac

MacOS allows you to create a folder called Dropbox, but will not allow you to use it.

  & # 39; Dropbox & # 39; It is in a list of prohibited folder names.
"Dropbox" is apparently in a list of prohibited folder names.
Photo: Cult de Mac

WTH iCloud Drive

What's going on here? Well, the practical answer could be that Apple is preventing users from dragging their entire root-level Dropbox folder on the iCloud drive, and clogging things up. This would count for both deliberate and accidental dragging.

Behind the scenes, Dropbox appears to be in a list of not allowed iCloud folder names. Software engineer Flo Vimart said on Twitter that he remembers "decompile the binary from iCloud Drive and watch the chain & # 39; Dropbox & # 39; part of a blacklist." Here is the list:

The blacklist of iCloud

Dropbox is not the only folder name on the blacklist. "OneDrive" and "IDrive-Sync" also appear in the list of prohibited folder names. And if you visit Stack Exchange, you will see a list of all folder names that you cannot use in iCloud Drive:

  None of these file / folder names will work in iCloud Drive.
None of these files / folders names will work on iCloud Drive.
Photo: Cult of Mac

That list, published by Stack Exchange user Malcolm Hall (also known as Malhal), also includes file extensions that iCloud does not allow.

This complete configuration seems quite sensible. If you take a look at the Hall list, there is really nothing there that you want to use. It's also quite easy to imagine that things are tied if you try to use these names reserved by the system for your own files and folders.

How to switch from Dropbox to iCloud Drive

So, to summarize, how do you change from Dropbox to iCloud drive? You can drag individual folders from one service to another, or simply rename the Dropbox folder before moving it.

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