Why screen time studies can’t measure the effect of smartphones on our well being

What is the correlation between screen time and youth welfare? It is an important question that we have limited and often contradictory answers. The story of Wired has dropped the phone with all the negative consequences, but I wonder if the study fully understands how we live now.

The potential effect of screen time on well-being depends on self-reporting data from large surveys. Wired report. The amount of data available means that creation scientists can hardly argue about the correlation, and there is a widespread confusion over the truth.

In the current issue of Nature Human Behavior Andrew Przybylski and Amy Orben apply a new statistical method to this problem: a tool called the Specification Curve Analysis that can evaluate thousands of possible correlations simultaneously. What Robbie Gonzalez found in Wired found:

The result was a series of visualizations that map the various potential effects that researchers can find in three repositories. A small change in the analytical approach can lead to dramatically different results along that spectrum. Second, the correlation between technology use and well-being is negative. Third, this correlation is very small and accounts for up to 0.4% of the variance in youth welfare.

The researchers compared the relationship between technology usability and youth welfare. Large data sets are proportional to other factors investigated. “Using technology is related to eating potatoes,” says Przybylski. In other words: not at all. With the same logic, the size of the effect of harassment is four times larger than the screen usage. Are you smoking? 18 times. On the other hand, taking enough sleep and eating breakfast positively affects 44 and 30 times the youth welfare of technology use.

Immediately noticeable in this study is the researcher’s “use of the screen”. The data collected is for children born in 2000 or later. Obviously bullying continues to happen offline, but there are also major online components. (84% of children harassed in Australia were found to have been harassed offline.) Harassment and screen use are linked. However, this paper has no means to separate this article. [19659007] When I searched for more information about the data evaluated in this study, I was surprised at how odd everything was. The categories of screen usage data collected include whether your child owns a computer, watches weekday electronic games, watches on weekday TV, or uses the Internet at home. It is a childhood, but it hardly sees the various screen times that young people can meet today. is “social media usage time”, and it seems to be related to today.

But in most cases the smartphone dictionary data category will be applied to posts – the smartphone world. Regardless of how strictly statistical it is, it is questionable whether the analysis of the data can reflect the personal or collective influence of the screen on psychology or behavior.

Last month, Yellow Vest thrilled “theoretical debate” that implied the possibility of a semi – historic ‘controlled world’ without Facebook. The existence of Facebook has affected us for more than a decade, he claimed. Imagine the present world where it has never happened.

I wonder if my smartphone does not like it that way. The majority of mobile phones shipped worldwide are smart phones, or mobile phones connected to the Internet since 2013. Trying to quantify the single “effect” of a smartphone on wellbeing in a world with ubiquitous, naive. Smartphones change the way they meet romantic partners, spend nudity, explore the city, buy drugs and alcohol, and spend time with friends. Good luck to reduce all variables.

Smartphones seem to be very good for young people. The teenage pregnancy rate has been lowered with adolescent drug abuse rates. A popular theory here is that teenagers spend more time at home using their screen with friends and less time playing around the world. At the same time, online harassment remains a punishment for all platforms. (Did you know that 42% of adolescents were bullied in Instagram?) And what if you think the social platform has contributed to the spread of hate speech, the emergence of far-reaching populism or the radicalization of the young mind?

The title of the ghost is much less certain when I read the study, saying that “the screen may not be good for potato-like mental health”, echoing Przybylski. This data clearly shows what Przybylski suggests. However, it is not clear whether this data really answers the question we want, or whether the researcher has even asked the right questions.


Leaked notes are the new & # 39; Basic Principles & # 39; Political and Religious Information

How hot are employee chatting on Facebook? Today, thanks to the good discovery of Rob Price, I noticed that an engineer was assigned to the engineer to coordinate the internal employee discussion. There are new guidelines for internal staff discussions. (19659016) “Do not try to change someone’s politics or religion. Do not break our rules about bullying speech and expression.” A 43 – year – old technology officer wrote. […]

As Facebook tries to reform itself, there has been a shift to a more robust approach to historically open employee communications platforms and a shift to new mediation controls. “These guidelines apply to all business communications, including work, email, chat, work, posters, whiteboards, blackboards, and face-to-face.” Schroepfer said that last year,

Google donated $ 300 million to local news and support last year

The news initiative announced today that Facebook will do the same. Nieman Lab has talked with Campbell Brown, who runs a journalism initiative on Facebook, to make sure that Google and Facebook are self-sufficient in subscription revenue, 19659020] BROWN: As we get out of the accelerator, For example, The Denver Post found that digital subscriptions with accelerators increased by 172%, while the Miami Herald reported that between March and June, We have three times as many readers who have reached the limit of three articles, I want to be there, we have to make it clear that there is a lot of work to do here,

With that in mind, we have to invest a lot more into the accelerator, so we’re increasing that amount to about $ 20 million a year. We will try to expand – so we are in Argentina We are now building memberships, just as we do in Europe we want to add. This will be a much larger program and investment area for us.

This Facebook page consumes thousands of pounds to influence comments on Brexit

Theresa May ‘s Brexit proposal failed Tuesday, but lacked Facebook ad spending, Mark Di Stefano. As usual, there is a question about who really is behind this group.

According to Facebook records, we have almost 52,000% voted on Tuesday, almost 12,000 pounds, and often run videos featuring Brexit’s pros

Like everyone else, we have 52% It goes back to the simple website and does not provide specific information on how to fund the group. It is argued that social media consultants with broad relevance to the Conservative Party “Theodora Dickinson” “edited”.

Tech Think Tank has proposed “massive discounts” on privacy, but Democrats do not buy them.

Policy think tanks supported by Google, Amazon and Facebook made new suggestions. National Privacy Protection Act. The proposal will abolish all previous privacy laws, Makena Kelly said. It appears to have died on arrival.

However, “Negotiation” preempts state laws such as California’s new Privacy Act and abolishes all existing privacy laws, including landmark legislation such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). All sector or case privacy laws are abolished and state and local lawmakers can not create more stringent and specific regulations in the future.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is an abolished law. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) wrote in the late nineties, IT was one of the first measures to manage data collection. The law imposes requirements on companies to collect data for children under the age of 13. This technology is causing complications among various technology companies. Both Google and Facebook have been sued several times for violating COPPA and this law is one of the main reasons many web services were blocked at the age of 13.

Ajit Pai decisively rejects lawmakers on the phone tracking scandal, 19659031] The House Energy and Commerce Committee, Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission recently asked a news agency, Verizon, I wanted to briefly explain the recent revelation that you’re selling real-time location data. . Pai refused to appear by quoting the end of government.

Fake porn videos frighten women.

Jeff John Roberts looks for potential legal solutions to deepfakes victims.

The new criminal law is one way to fight Deep Pike. Another approach is to file a civil action against the perpetrator. As noted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation in its blog post, people who have experienced deep fakes can be described as defamation or “false lights.” You may claim “right to publicity” with the claims of the deep fake maker of image creation

However, all these potential solutions may encounter powerful obstacles, or free speech.


Roku adds Infowars 6 months after another platform banned the channel

Infowars are struggling for distribution mostly. Large platforms were banned collectively last summer. Recently I noticed this feature on streaming TV service Roku which is installed on many new TVs by default. (Including mine!) The official statement states that “publication of illegal content, illegal activity or violation of third party rights is prohibited,” the official statement said. There are some Roku officers to subscribe – and there are some – it will take time to read the column from last summer. I explained how Infowars historically caused violence in the real world. (Roku announcement Infowars will be removed from the service.)

YouTube’s guidelines address dangerous jokes as Bird Box, Tide Pod challenges.

YouTube policy is now out of sync. Watch yourself and TidePods and / or eat for ad revenues. Progress!

The company has announced a new policy that the creators should follow when uploading content, and one of the biggest changes is a section devoted entirely to risky play. We’ve previously mentioned pranks in the dangerous and dangerous content category of the overall policy, but it appears to have added a new section of the series BuddyBox Buddybox series.

YouTube creators [J45] Jake Paul driving blindfolded to participate in the Bird Box challenge, teens taking a toxic assistant Ford for the Tide Pod challenge, Even some creators engaged in camera engagement with their girlfriends participated in a dangerous challenge. Pills – all in the name of the content.

Snap CFO Timston resigns in 8 months

There is another embarrassment of the Snap staff. He did not say why he left because the company had difficulty in saying that the stone did not find evidence of large-scale accounting fraud in his legal statement.

Stone’s departure was in September last year, with Imran Khan Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Vollero, Treasurer, May Stuart Bowers, Vice President of Monetization Engineering, 19659046 Instagram I’ve sold ads for prohibited follower buying services.

Josh Constine looks for Instagram accounts that promise a variety of shady services for followers or confirmed sales, and confirms Instagram is paying for advertising despite the official prohibition.

Instagram made money from the company that sent spam alerts to social networks. Instagrams sell advertising space in a hypocritical way to charge customers for fake followers or automatically follow customers and follow / unfollow others. This is despite the fact that Instagram is banning these businesses in November and threatening the accounts of those hiring them.

TechCrunch According to the survey, 17 services that sell fake followers or automatic notification spam were publicly advertised on Instagram, despite violent violations of network policies. This shows that Instagram did not properly control the app and ad platform. Because of this neglect, users have become distracted by notifications of the following and likes generated by bots or fake accounts. While Instagram diluted the quality of Instagram notifications and wasted people’s time, we monetized those services.

Instagram product designers create user-friendly, AR-inspired AR effects.

Check the Windows desktop filter here.

Facebook’s newest content marketing initiative is a podcast for a company’s leading advertising buyer, a small business.

YouTube was created by the Instagram product designer.

Facebook launches new podcasts that focus on entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Julia Alexander reports on new ways to recommend internal YouTube.

YouTube uses blue bubbles to test mobile app users ‘and desktop users’ new referral formats to include relevant topics to help them navigate keywords, creators, and videos.

Screenshot from The Verge Bone in action. It appears directly below the video player and helps users filter recommendations. This is a more specific recommendation than a side-by-side video. This feature is currently being tested with a small number of people both on YouTube’s main desktop page and in the mobile app.

TikTok provides video chat instead of WeChat in China.

Duoshan, Rita Liao report the latest efforts to abolish WeChat by ByteDance. She calls it a mix of TikTok and Snap.

Unlike TikTok, which encourages users to follow celebrities and strangers, Duoshan is designed for personal messaging. Nowadays, it offers brilliant special effects and filters just like any other short video application. After twenty-four hours, the twist lost its video and provided a stress-free, non-wrist sharing, and we noticed WeChat and recently proposed his Snap-like Stories feature.

19659063] Facebook’s ten years of passionate challenge reminds me of the fun of Facebook.

Everybody is posting post-war photos from 2009 to today. Julia Alexander, a phenomenon that starts on Facebook and reminds us of a simpler time, says:

The universal adorable awkwardness is only part of the challenge. There is sincerity in the picture 10 years ago. The 2008 and 2009 Facebook profile photo was different from the over-the-top aesthetics we practiced on the mini homepage at the time. I felt intimacy on Facebook for teenagers. We truly believed that our friends saw what we posted. And comfort allows us to raise everything we want. Selling my Facebook photos was like discovering the treasures of happy memories that do not dream of posting today.

While sitting in the subway with friends, there is a picture that grotesque “funny” faces. There was a bread roll in my mouth, a camo shorts, a picture of my car in the middle of a school car park. Needless to say, these are not the photos I dream of throwing to Tinder I took today. But it is just that: these pictures are taken today, but do not post anymore. I have learned that even in closed groups, the content posted online is well beyond my control.

Notes from all presidents

Willy Staley, president of the 73-year-old Instagram:

easily distracted person tells assembled prospects how many things he means by himself, This incentive structure, which you learn slowly, is like posting online. This is the process of pushing the wall closer to reality, even though it is considered only metaphors, shorthand, catch phrases. From the audience to the TV and twitter, back to the audience, from the person who is not the real master or the creator, from the person to the person, to the TV and twitter, to replicate themselves, to grow big and beautiful, and to put the tips into spikes made of American steel It is an idea that has shifted to. The boundary wall is a meme in the true sense. It is not because it will be beneficial to us, but because it simply flourishes in our environment. It was very effective to do the work until it all came to a halt once the president’s brains flowed and spread throughout the politics and cooled and hardened like bacon oil. And I hate to admit it, but it’s kind of fun.

And finally …

This is important: If you take a selfie through the toilet roll, it will look like the moon.

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