Why Google’s Pixel phones matter

When Pixel was originally released by Google in October 2016, many people questioned why Mountain View companies were involved in the business of designing, building and selling mobile phones. Two years later, Andreessen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans (19459003) said, "What is the purpose of the Google Pixel phone?"

Google's strategic critics are right to speak about their looks. Contradiction: The company has invested time and treasures in building devices, but has not accompanied the distribution and marketing needed to truly challenge the larger part of the market. While Google is making serious claims about the hardware business, pixel phones are still available only in a limited number of countries and through a limited number of operators.

However, simply declaring that a pixel is irrelevant is innately naive because it does not simply sell it. This would be similar to what Nokia said in 2010 because it sold the most phones at the time. Despite Google's determined decision, PixelPhone surpasses the number of people who are not impressed.

Pixel is competing with iPhone for mindshare, not market share.

Pixel is competing with iPhone for mindshare, not market share.

Apple claims it can no longer call with a camera. That's what Google says. The New York Times to say when the love poetry of my illustration for a Pixel camera is not enough to persuade you The Wall Street Journal and Two Pixel generations. This year we are investing heavily in boosting the message to the camera market. Pixel recruited renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz (formerly a vocal advocate of the iPhone camera) to take US photos, and she has printed seven magazine covers with Pixel on Condé Nast. A famous star like Ryan Gosling. Google is building its reputation as a technology leader and is not trying to make money in its telephony business.

In a battle for mental sharing that can be part of every conversation in a tweeting accident, it is much larger than Pixel's sales. iPhone X and iPhone XS reviews are a lot more compelling than Google phones. When another Android vendor launches a new device, the benchmark for the user experience is provided by Google itself. Pixel is important because it is the best you can get in terms of camera image quality and the narrow context of the Android user experience.

Google does not sell tens of millions of phones every quarter, but the virtue of the existence of the phone because it affects the smartphone market purely. Apple will not be happy with the next best thing, and the latest iPhone camera system (apparently Apple's best) is very similar to the way computer photography is pioneered by Google. You do not need to believe that Apple has copied Google to see how impressive the iPhone XS is to anyone seeing the results of Pixel's camera. The number of people who are aware of Pixel is much larger, growing much faster than the number of people who own it.

Pixel sets the Android standard.

Google's Pixel, like the previous Nexus line, is designed to help the company optimize its Android user experience-Pixel is the best way to advertise Android and more and more Android is designed to create the best pixels . Google announced its design guidelines six months ago after deciding to break the traditional 16: 9 aspect ratio in Pixel 2 XL last year. When the company chose Notch with the Pixel 3 XL, we re-announced the advice for app developers to call for respect for "display cutouts." We could have argued that we already had a tendency to start by Samsung. Others have notches. However, whenever Google decides to accept new hardware features, it can be found on the latest Pixel.

For Android device makers, the cost of customizing the operating system The hardware configuration of a particular hardware configuration is greatly reduced if we match our choices to pixels. For example, OnePlus had to test the top 1,000 most popular apps in the Play Store to work with OnePlus 6 notches. All app designers have a tremendous notch in the Pixel 3 XL to test with Google's guidelines, and that effort can be saved.

The presence of pixels is often an ideal Android experience. Android application developers not only design fixed in the market with a wide variety of things, but also allow buyers and fans to express their complaints more directly to other Android phones. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and their ilk can maintain a higher standard if Google can give a physical implementation to the standard. This is represented by the pixel line. Yes, all aspects of Google are very meta and somewhat vague, but meaningful. Pixel is a representation of Google's philosophy of how best to use Android and is relevant to the overall market for its quality.

Pixel is the only Android phone that can compete with iPhone

In addition to Apple, Google is the only company that manages smartphone hardware and operating system design. The tight integration of hardware and software has always been a tooling advantage of the Apple device and is only of growing importance. The Apple XPS A12 Bionic processor has a dedicated section to accelerate artificial intelligence tasks, but Google has developed its own pixel visual core chip to make photo work faster and more efficient. The future of smartphones is custom hardware designed from the ground up to enable new software features.

I do not want to complain to users who think that users of Samsung, Huawei, LG or HTC phones are not using the device. It is less valuable and desirable than the iPhone. You can make quite a lot of hardware now covered with glass, ship with the Google OS installed on the board, and actually compete with the iPhone. But it is not the future. Future differentiators driven by AI are tailor-made proprietary software such as Google's HDR + camera system powered by custom silicon and Pixel's intelligent call blocking. In this battle, Apple's tremendous chip design team has a significant advantage in hardware, Google is the leader in AI, and everyone else is in the middle.

You do not have to like pixels. importance. If Google does not struggle to make its own phone and each generation does not evolve successfully, you will face the true threat of Apple with its unique ability to control and manipulate every aspect of your phone.

One of my indulgences for this job is to review a $ 4,000 audio file headphone. Google Pixel is guilty of all charges. Due to limited availability and economics, it is of critical importance. As you enjoy high-end headphones, the entire audio file market of over $ 1000 can disappear overnight and you will never know the difference in your everyday life. There is not much practical technology falling in the market. Pixels, on the other hand, provide better cameras and smarter artificial intelligence to compromise the mysteries of the iPhone and provide a better experience than most of its competitors, raising expectations for the whole of Android.

Pixels No matter how small.

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