Why Garfield phones keep washing up on this French beach

Since the 1980s, the bright orange parts of a novel Garfield phone have been washed constantly off the Iroise coast of Brittany in France. No one knew where the Garfield phones came from, and locals had no choice but to keep collecting pieces of the famous fat cat for 35 years. According to the BBC, the mystery was finally resolved this week, when a lost shipping container full of Garfield phones "in a more complete condition than any that was found before them" was discovered in an isolated marine cave accessible only during the Low tide. [19659002] Residents had long suspected that the phones came from a shipping container, but they had never been able to find it. Then, recently, the anti-garbage group Ar Vilantsou declared the phones as a symbol of plastic pollution on the beach, throwing Garfield's phones as the face of his media campaign this year (honestly, I'd also be pretty fed up, seeing this cocky cat). Face without pupil in the sand every day).

The campaign worked because it caught the attention of a local farmer named René Morvan, who remembered seeing Garfield's first phone after a storm in the early eighties. He escorted journalists from France Info and activists from Ar Vilantsou to the site, where they discovered the treasure of telephone fragments and cords stuck under the stones.

why garfield phones keep washing up on this french beach

Claire Simonin / Ar Viltansou

Unfortunately, the destroyed container remains buried under the rocks and is inaccessible, which means that parts of Garfield will continue to wash off the coast. Being made of plastic, most likely to survive us all, like the classic syndicated strip.

If you want to save yourself the trip to France to get your own vintage Garfield phone, you can still find some collectible items on eBay. Open and close your eyes when the receiver is picked up, it's adorable!

However, this is the only Garfield phone that I will recognize.

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Background: NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 25: actor Andrew Garfield takes photos with his phone on the observatory platform of the Empire State Building on June 25, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Cindy Ord / Getty Images

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