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iOS 13 is not just about new and exciting mistakes. Apple cleaned up a lot and moved things on its latest mobile operating system. A great change of features behind the scenes occurs in the personal access point of the iPhone. You can no longer turn it off. Or rather, you couldn't turn it off for a while. It's just that iOS 13 finally makes it explicit.

However, this does not mean that your iPhone will constantly transmit its access point status, or that it will run out of battery. In fact, this feature is now easier to understand and described better than ever. This is what the personal hotspot means in iOS 13.

How does the personal hotspot work in iOS 13?

The iOS 13 hotspot is now divided into two conceptual parts. The personal part, enabled for iCloud, and the old and sharable Wi-Fi network part.

The part you cannot disable is the iCloud part. The access point itself is not always active. The difference is that you can initiate a connection from any other device at any time.

  Scarce: personal access point settings in iOS 13.
Scarce: personal access point settings in iOS 13.
Photo: Cult of Mac

For example, if you want to connect to line with your iPad and your iPhone is in the next room or stored in your bag, you can still connect to the iPhone access point. Simply go to the Wi-Fi settings section on your iPad and choose your iPhone from the list. This should work immediately, even if you have never used it before.

Also, if you use the iCloud Family Share feature, you can allow anyone in your family to access the access point in the same way. You can also set permissions. You can choose which family members can connect and if they must request permission first or if they can connect automatically.

  Choose how and when your family members can connect to your iPhone's personal access point on iOS 13.
Choose how and when your family members can connect.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Bonus: When connected in this way, your iPad automatically enters low data mode, which means it will not break your data plan assuming unlimited Wi-Fi is on.

What about the users of Kindles and Android?

This new automatic access point configuration will handle almost all your needs. But you can still use the old silly access point, turning your iPhone into a miniature Wi-Fi router that requires an access code to join.

This works the same as before. Simply activate the switch Allow others to join and then enter the access code provided to join the network. This is good for synchronizing your Kindle while on vacation, and for allowing your "friends" who use low-cost Android to read your precious cellular data allowance.

Unlike the iCloud electric access point, you can still turn it off manually.

Why is it so confusing?

Really? Come on, it's not really that is confusing, right? Now you can use your iPhone's data connection whenever you want, on demand, without having to touch your iPhone. This connection starts automatically, whenever you need it, and the rest of the time is deactivated.

And for everything else, you can explicitly tell the iPhone to be transmitted as an access point, in the old way.

The personal iOS hotspot more or less did things this way in recent years, but the terminology always seemed confusing. Now, it has been cleaned, so you know exactly what you are getting. Apple likes to make decisions for the user, in order to make things easier to use. Sometimes, Cupertino goes too far, but this time I think Apple got the right balance.

Finally, if you ever tried to connect from your iPad to your iPhone in the past, and it just didn't work, try again now. Mine always acted like hell, but now it seems to work perfectly.

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