White House threatens to veto Democrat-led net neutrality bill

If the Democracy Network's neutrality bill is approved in Congress, it is likely that President Donald Trump vetoed it, according to a new White House statement today .

Not surprisingly, Trump is expected to veto the Democracy-led network's neutrality initiative, but Monday's statement is one of the first direct comments from the White House on legislation that will be passed easily in the House. of Representatives on Tuesday.

The Save the Internet Act, if passed, would restore the original network neutrality regulations that were established by the Federal Communications Commission of the Obama era in 2015. The bill essentially would repeal ] the repeal of Rules that the Pai FCC approved in the first year of the Trump administration. That means that if the Democrats get away with it, the rules that prohibit the blocking, regulation and paid prioritization of Internet access will be codified as law, which will make it difficult for the FCC leadership change to change the rules.

"Last year" The FCC went back to the light regulatory scheme that allowed the Internet to develop and prosper for almost two decades by promoting Internet freedom and encouraging investment in the network, "the House statement said. Blanca

The Internet Salvation Law is expected to easily come out of the House controlled by the Democrats, but the legislation faces an uphill battle in the Republican-controlled Senate For many Republican senators, the neutrality of the network it simply is not a priority for most of this session of Congress, particularly for Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS), who chairs the powerful Trade Committee.

If the bill "was presented to the President," The White House statement said, "your advisers would recommend that you veto it."

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