What’s In Your Bag, R3hab?

What is in the bag? is a recurring feature that opens up your bag and mind and asks people to tell you more about your daily gadget. This week, we are dealing with music producer and DJ R3hab .

Rafhab, the real name Fadil El Ghoul, Moved to The Verge and jumped into every corner. "Who is a healthy person?" El Gul was pissed for an interview with the room. "It sounds crazy! It's crazy to do a little bit of compression, sometimes I hear my voice on the radio and my voice is deep!" Everyone smiles. El Ghoul has no choice but to talk about audio engineering wherever he goes.

A 32-year-old DJ and producer from Morocco suddenly appeared on the radar of people who were one of the leaders of the Dutch House. Music movements like Afrojack and Chuckie. He signed Afrojack's label, singing millions of songs that make up a four-story on-festival fuel like "Prutataaa". Over the years, he changed his voice, found nuances, and mocked him with sharp sawtooth and thick kick drums. His 2017 debut album Trouble has widened in El Ghoul and doubled as he explored a slower tempo with his latest album The Wave .

Couple screening for the big room track of The Wave album dancing from album to future bass. But mostly pop. There is even a song that does not fit any genre, such as "Cherry Blossom," which uses the sound of a mechanical music box combined with a wandering, lazy and crowded mainline. According to El Ghoul, he had no choice to jump into another genre. He stopped getting inspired to build house songs back to 128BPM. "It looks like a chef." The Verge says when he wants to explain his musical path. "If you cook the whole of Italy, you will no longer be inspired. I have less inspiration, so I have changed the tempo and now I am more inspired by high-energy music." Please check.

whats in your bag r3hab

So you are a Dutch national and travel a lot. How many flights do you have for a year?

Two years ago, social media created a contest entitled "How many flights would you like to guess?" And 228 people participated in a year. I do not count them again, but I think it is 200 years ago because it is still the same position on all airlines.

Where is your house?

The house is where my laptop is. It's where I make music. I live in a bag and a bag. But now I live in Belgium.

What can not I put in my bag?

Notebook! Actually it is a fun story. I was at a certain airport, and I was with my VJ and confiscated his laptop for no reason. I think they want to confiscate mine. And I said it did not happen. That's my life. That's my music. They took the laptop and we could not get it back. Of course I have a backup, but I need this every day. This is my stress reliever, my music producer, and my friend. It sounds strange, but that's what I can express.

Where do you spend your time when you are not performing?

In the studio. And I like to exercise. When I'm not performing, I'm still performing behind the laptop. I also want to go out and see the city where I am when I travel. Now, I looked back and watched the culture without regretting an unpleasant era and without looking at the city. Now I am actively doing so. It's hard for you to arrive and relax, but I'm not, Fadyl, let's go out for two hours. Let's look at the city. Let's enjoy music and feel.

Let's talk about music. Earlier this year, your song "Hold On Tight" reminds me of London.

Yes, it is the 80s atmosphere. I especially like the synth-wise 80s. When I made my debut album Trouble it was actually a pretty soft tempo. At some point I made music for 10 years and I was attached to the 128BPM counter every time. I need to get out because I have no idea. So the debut album and the new album are a lot more downtime. It's inspiring me. Maybe it'll be like a cook. Cooking the whole of Italy is no longer inspired. Because I have less inspiration, I have changed my tempo and now I am more inspired by high energy music.

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Tell us about your notebook. What is it?

All my music. The laptop with the largest hard drive. So I do not want to carry extra hard disk, so do not put it in your bag. I lost it a few years ago and never again. Everyday use for music, e-mail and everything.

Notebooks and babies are always walking down the street. How do I write music using it

I am using all software plugins with Ableton on my MacBook. What happened to me is inspired after the show. I would have been better off Oh. I need a record like this. "And that's how I start writing, and many times I use my phone as a voice memo. One of my records just released is from a voice memo with a melody in my head, I started composing and discovering the sound, but there are many occasions when I have chords or something, and I have a lot of voice notes, and the voice notes come after the entirely impressive show.

What cell phone are you carrying?

I think it is iPhone 7 Plus I have not switched to X yet I like this a lot and it works really well and I like a little stand I can see something when I'm on the plane. The Verge Because there was a lot of controversy about headphones in the office,

I felt comfortable when I traveled. The most important is that there is a waiting time on the cable so there is another headphone with a DJ I do not think it sounds amazing but the noise cancellation gives it a break on the air The constant buzzing sound

What do you think about dongle life?

This product which can charge and can put four USB It's not a big fan of the system, but USB-C will be the future in two years, so that's what it is –

And what do you carry for recharging? I have a small backup, but it's annoying.

Mophie. There is MiFi for internet. I will only meet the hotspot on my phone but it will consume battery. Anker is really good because there is USB-C that can be used for backup. Then I have a strong cable for the iPhone. I do not know why Apple can not always make a normal cable. Maybe people like to buy a new cable [laughs]

I have noticed a lot of technology in the United States. It's just banking. Let me know about it.

This is called an identifier. [credit card] You can log in and pay if you put it inside. You may be able to pay less than a certain amount over the phone, but you must use it as a safeguard to pay a larger amount.

I just bought a camera. What is it all about?

Yes, I have a bigger camera and of course a phone camera. Mobile phones are convenient, but sometimes they are not creative because they use social media and stuff. So I bought this camera, the new Sony. It's a great showcase because it has a nice self-show that shows more behind-the-scenes to your fans. Instagram has a nice picture. At that moment, we do not show what happened at that moment. That's what I want to show. I'm trying.

Recording started. It's not big yet, but I'd like to show people about the itinerary for just six days. I want to show you what you carry, what you do, what you eat, and what a day looks like. Because they can only see parts from 1:00 am to 3:00 am, what is the rest? I want to make a video blog. There are not many electronic artists.

Do you have a video blogger I see?

Did you know you did not see too many video bloggers? Like Casey Neistat, there are couples who really follow. But personally I do not like most bloggers. Most of them despise. I hope to give people a little quality in life. I do not want to show, I'm so cold, make this up. What substances do adults hear?

How important do you think it is to remain active in front of the audience?

It's a good idea to have social media. We think 7 million on Facebook, 220 million on Instagram, and over 1 million on Twitter. The problem is that you have a relationship with the fans, but you can not feel the sense of life. I am good at festivals. I also absorb that feeling. It makes me excited. Of course, the posting is great, but it only shows the best in social media and the show is touring. Roller coaster ride of emotion. That is the biggest difference for me.

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Let me know about money.

When I travel, my wallet is always with my card. However, some countries do not like certain credit cards and want cash. I have some cash for tipping. Of course, you have to pay a cab or anything. Also when I was 30 years old I wanted a really good watch. [points to wrist]. Gold is always a good currency in the world. So this watch can still go home and sell watches if I stop and lose everything.

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Why are there many health supplements?

In fact, there are not really many because you are studying using supplements. I do not like 20 packet supplements. I treat them all organically. So, for example, here is the fish oil and here is cod liver oil and they are separated. I want to take them separately because of the fat you need with certain vitamins. It's a lot, but not really much.

When I try to eat dinner, I put it in my daily packing because I can put it in my pocket. [picks up big container] [picks up big container] 19659051] Vitamin D, magnesium, turmeric, rhodiola, cod liver oil, fish oil, spirulina, potassium.

How did you start with the keto diet?

These problems during your trip. I will eat a lot of snacks and I will have a headache on my plane. I read several books on YouTube and [watched]. I would be surprised if I did not eat sugar. After reading about intermediate fasting, I found a combination of Kotoketo.

So I have all these local bombs. That's the way we call it. Fat, coconut oil, electrolytes, stevia many sugarless chocolates. And here the almond bar was inspired by keto, highland and low blood sugar. And you need to drink tea because you have to drink a lot of tea to get on the plane. Water does not taste really good on airplanes and cars always stand out. I did not want to drink caffeine on the plane, so I brought a small car.

What else are you here?

The only other thing I like to travel is cream. It's pretty weird. It's kind of clay and you like it. I do not know what the English words are … [armpit] I remove the smell for two days. It's absolutely crazy and you can still do it. Put a deodorant on it. But it is very convenient.

What about socks?

Compression socks. They are good to fly. I actually started using them, but it seems to help. Maybe it's a placebo effect. I'm not sure.

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When I first decided to be a DJ

I was 15 or 16 years old. I was at a school party and wanted to dance with the girls in slow songs. Finally a slow song came out. And I danced. Then the DJ changed it to another song. I resemble. Why do you change it! I'm just dancing! And then I realized. Wow is really powerful. He is the director of the night. And it made me realize that I love music. It's crazy that you can be the director of the night and change people's feelings.

Have you had a plan B career?

She checked for Plan B. I have a degree in business. Marketing. When I finished my degree, I asked my mother if I could stay for a year because I had no money. I decided to find out if [let me] could recreate the music and succeed in a year. And yes, a year has passed. Now, here we are.

Where do you want to go from here?

Where do you want to go to my career? You know, it's good. I am looking forward to five years. I want to inspire people not only in the music industry but also mentally. The biggest problem in the entire music industry was how difficult it was to be mentally challenged. It is very multiples and many children feel that they need that knowledge. Everyone thinks about music, about record, but also about mental state. How do you feel after playing for these people? Great hurry, right? It is a big adrenaline pump and you are alone in the hotel room. How can I manage these feelings? That's what I was struggling with. Now I can live with him.

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